What Essential Oils Effectively Repel and Kill Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a pain we all face. What essential oils repel roaches best is a common query many homeowners have. Various oils use solid fragrances roaches hate, helping dismiss or kill them sans any toxic agents.

We discuss the top oils to shoo roaches away as well as ones that exterminate them fully.

Top Essential Oils to Repel Roaches

Peppermint Oil

The minty spearmint scent of peppermint oil drives roaches away fast. I mix a few drops with water and spray it where these pests roam. This oil is best for quick, DIY roach prevention.

 minty spearmint scent of peppermint oil drives roaches away fast

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil’s fresh, robust smell puzzles roaches. It alarms them too. I spray it around their hideouts, stopping an invasion. Besides repelling, this oil also kills roaches. It complements methods to fully eliminate infestations.

Eucalyptus oil's fresh, robust smell puzzles roaches

Lavender Oil

While humans relish lavender oil’s floral aroma, it discourages roaches. I use it with other oils to improve their smells. On its own, it likely won’t impact roaches much. This oil is best mixed with stronger repellents.

While humans relish lavender oil's floral aroma, it discourages roache

Citronella Oil

Famed for driving away mosquitos, citronella oil might have similar effects on roaches. Concrete proof is lacking still. Mixing it with reliable repellents like peppermint boosts potency overall. I often add it to oil sprays outdoors.

Famed for driving away mosquitos, citronella oil might have similar effects on roaches

Cedar Oil

The intense woody scent of cedar oil is too much for roaches. It stops them from entering closets or kitchen cabinets. Cedar mulch in gardens also hinders roaches. Mist cedar water or use 100% oil to stop roaches from breeding in dark spaces.

Most Effective Oils for Killing Roaches

Rosemary Oil

Tests show rosemary oil kills cockroaches upon contact. I spray it where I see them routinely. It is the best oil for severe roach issues, based on study findings. Reapply it daily for a week to kill nesting bugs fully.

Cedar Oil

Besides repelling roaches, cedar oil exterminates them too. It is an organic insect killer, so I use it with repellent oils. Any roaches still active post-cedar oil treatment die on contact. Both the oil and cedar wood emit roach-killing compounds naturally.

Eucalyptus Oil

The toxicity of eucalyptus oil kills roaches over time. I apply it twice a week in infested zones as part of an elimination routine. It stops new nests from starting. The oil’s sharp scent drives away roaches as an added plus.

Other Notable Roach-Repelling Oils

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil’s intense herbal aroma sends roaches packing for days. Per an experiment, it repelled roaches for a week after one use. I mix oregano oil with others like rosemary that slaughter roaches post-repellence.

Oregano oil's intense herbal aroma sends roaches packing for day

Catnip Oil

Oddly enough, the catnip oil cats love repels roaches. It contains nepetalactone that roaches hate. As it’s pet-safe, catnip oil is ideal for indoor roach prevention. I fill sachets with it to place discreetly in cabinets and pantries.

Oddly enough, the catnip oil cats love repels roaches

Tips for Using Essential Oils Effectively

A key point about repellent oils is reapplying them before effects wear off. I treat high-traffic zones weekly, regardless of oil used. Take care using oils around young kids and read instructions fully. Severe roach issues need professional help plus oils.

As the most expensive Young Living oils have high purity, they deeply permeate roach hideouts. Monitor oil effectiveness, tweak mixtures as required. Clean up food spills fast, seal home cracks to boost oil success.

Roaches hate essential oils banner


Essential oils give chemical-free roach control safely. Peppermint, rosemary, and cedar oils are proven repelelnts and exterminators. Judge each oil’s impact in your home. Blend and rotate oils for robust prevention.

Stop roaches gaining footholds with thorough household hygiene too. You’ll soon have pest-free spaces using these all-natural scents wisely.

What Essential Oils Repel Roaches? A handy comparison table

Essential OilBest UseRepelling AbilityKilling Ability
PeppermintQuick DIY preventionHighLow
EucalyptusComplement elimination methodsHighMedium
LavenderBoost other oil mixturesMediumLow
CitronellaOutdoor roach controlMediumLow
CedarStop roaches from breeding indoorsHighHigh
RosemarySevere infestationsMediumHigh
OreganoDrive away roaches for daysHighLow
CatnipDiscreet indoor preventionHighNone