Febreze vs OdoBan: The Ultimate Odor Battle!

Febreze vs OdoBan: The Ultimate Odor Battle!

Are you tired of unpleasant odors in your home, especially in bathrooms? Do you want to know which odor eliminator works best for your needs?

Look no further than Odoban and Febreze, two popular products that claim to eliminate odors and leave a pleasant fragrance.

While both promise to get rid of unwanted smells, they have different active ingredients and effectiveness depending on the type of odor and surface.

Additionally, Odoban is not only an odor eliminator but also a disinfectant, making it a great choice for keeping your bathroom clean and fresh.

Odoban uses a combination of natural enzymes and chemicals to break down odor-causing molecules, while Febreze uses cyclodextrin technology to trap and eliminate unpleasant smells.

When it comes to fragrance, Febreze has the upper hand as it leaves a pleasant scent behind. However, if you’re looking for a disinfectant, Odoban may be the better choice as it has antibacterial properties.

But how do they compare when put head-to-head?

Is one better than the other? The answer is not straightforward as it depends on personal preference and specific needs.

So say goodbye to pesky odors and read on!

A Brief Background on Febreze and OdoBan

Febreze, owned by Proctor & Gamble, first hit store shelves in 1996 and quickly became known for its odor-eliminating properties. It neutralizes bad smells by using a patented technology called cyclodextrin that traps and removes odor molecules.

Febreze comes in various forms like sprays, plug-ins, candles, and beads. It’s commonly marketed as an air freshener and fabric refresher.

OdoBan is a disinfectant cleaner manufactured by Clean Control Corporation. It was created in the 1980s by a chemist named Jerry Brown.

OdoBan is marketed as a multipurpose disinfectant that sanitizes and deodorizes in one step. It kills 99.9% of germs and comes in various wipe, spray, and concentrate forms. OdoBan is EPA-registered and meets hospital-grade disinfecting standards.

Reviewing Odoban as an Effective Odor Eliminator

odoban vs febreze

How to Use Odoban as an Air Freshener

Odoban is a versatile odor eliminator that can be used in various ways, including as an air freshener to mask odors and eliminate unpleasant smells. You can also use it with febreeze to enhance its fragrance.

To use it effectively, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dilute the Odoban concentrate with water and odor eliminators according to the instructions on the label. This will help mask odors and leave your space smelling fresh . Be sure to measure the milliliters carefully for best results.
  2. Pour the solution, into a gallon container and shake well. Then transfer the mixture into a spray bottle for easy use. This spruce-scented solution is perfect for freshening up your home, and each bottle contains 16 ounces.
  3. Spray the solution in the air or directly on surfaces where odors are present. Use the 16 ounces bottle to spruce up your home and try it out with a tester.
  4. Allow it to dry naturally.

Using Odoban and Febreeze as air fresheners not only eliminates unpleasant odors but also leaves a refreshing spruce scent in your space. With 32 ounces of Odoban and activated charcoal, your air will smell clean and fresh.

Which Odoban Scent is Best?

Odoban odor eliminators come in different scents, including lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, and original scent. Choosing the best scent depends on personal preference and the intended use of the product.

Each bottle contains 32 ounces of spruce-scented for long-lasting freshness.

  • Lavender: Ideal for bedrooms and relaxation spaces
  • Citrus: Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Eucalyptus: Great for eliminating pet odors
  • Original Scent: A versatile option suitable for any space

Which Odoban Smells Best?

The best-smelling Odoban odor eliminators depend on individual preferences. However, many users find that lavender and citrus scents, as well as febreeze and spruce, are popular choices due to their pleasant aroma.

Additionally, Odoban is available in various ounces to suit different needs.

Where is Odoban Sold?

Odoban products, known for their odor eliminators, are available at major retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sam’s Club. If you’re looking for the best odor elimination at a great price, consider Odoban instead of Febreeze. You can also find Odoban products on Amazon.

Versatility of Odoban for Daily Cleaning Purposes

Odoban is a versatile disinfectant and odor eliminator that can be used for cleaning bathrooms, toilets, and other surfaces. It is an effective way to get rid of germs and bacteria in your home while also eliminating unpleasant odors.

Odoban can be found on the shelves of most stores and is a great addition to any cleaning routine. If you’re looking for a different odor eliminator, consider trying out Febreeze as a tester to see if it works for you.

And once you’ve spruced up your home with these products, you’ll be left with a clean and fresh-smelling space.

One of the best things about Odoban is its ability to clean multiple surfaces and act as an odor eliminator. It can be used on floors, walls, countertops, and even fabrics to eliminate unpleasant smells.

If you’re looking for a febreeze alternative, give Odoban a try as it is a great all-purpose cleaner for any area in your home.

Odoban: A Laundry Miracle Worker

In addition to its disinfecting properties, Odoban, with its effective ingredients, can also be used for laundry purposes. It effectively removes odors and stains from fabrics, making it a must-have tester in every household.

To use Odoban as an odor eliminator laundry booster, simply add ¼ cup of Odoban with its powerful ingredients to your washing machine during the rinse cycle. This will help remove tough stains and leave your clothes smelling fresh, making it a must-try for any tester.

Create Your Own DIY Cleaner with Odoban

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your home and eliminate odors, mixing Odoban with natural ingredients is an excellent option.

By doing so, you can create a DIY cleaner that is safe to use around children and pets. If you’re unsure about the effectiveness of this cleaner, try it out as a tester before committing to using it regularly.

One way to test the efficacy of odor eliminators like Odoban is by combining it with natural ingredients such as vinegar.

Simply mix equal parts of vinegar and water with ½ cup of Odoban in a spray bottle. This mixture can be used on surfaces like countertops or floors.

Another way to mix Odoban odor eliminators with natural ingredients is by combining it with baking soda.

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of warm water and ½ cup of Odoban odor eliminators in a spray bottle.

This mixture works great for cleaning bathrooms and toilets.

Comparing the Ingredients of Odoban and Febreze for Maximum Effectiveness

Products like Odoban and Febreze are often go-to choices for odor eliminators. While both products serve a similar purpose, they differ in their ingredients and effectiveness.

febreze vs odoban

Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients

One of the main differences between Odoban and Febreze as odor eliminators is their use of natural versus synthetic ingredients. Odoban contains natural ingredients such as thyme oil and citric acid, while Febreze uses synthetic chemicals like cyclodextrin and benzisothiazolinone.

Thyme oil is an essential oil that contains antimicrobial ingredients, making it effective against bacteria and viruses. Citric acid is a weak organic acid that can break down tough stains, and it is one of the key ingredients in many cleaning products.

Cyclodextrin is a type of sugar molecule that traps odor molecules, and it is often used as an ingredient in air fresheners and deodorizers. Benzisothiazolinone is a preservative that prevents bacterial growth, and it is commonly found in personal care products like shampoos and soaps.

Active Ingredients

When comparing the active ingredients in Febreze vs OdoBan, there are some noticeable differences:

  • Febreze’s main active ingredient is cyclodextrin, which traps and removes odors. It does not contain traditional disinfecting ingredients like bleach or alcohol.
  • OdoBan contains o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol, which works as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent to kill germs. It also has o-phenylphenol, a commonly used EPA-registered disinfectant.

So OdoBan functions as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer, while Febreze focuses solely on eliminating odors.


Both Odoban and Febreze contain surfactants, which are ingredients that help to break down dirt and grime. Surfactants work by lowering the surface tension of water, allowing it to penetrate and lift away dirt.

However, Odoban’s formula also includes enzymes that target specific types of stains, such as protein-based stains like blood and urine. Enzymes work by breaking down the molecular structure of these stains into smaller molecules that can be easily washed away.

How much area each product can cover

Both Odoban and Febreze claim to cover large areas with their products, but we wanted to find out exactly how much coverage they provide. After conducting our tests, we found that one 10-milliliter bottle of Odoban can cover up to 100 square feet, while Febreze can cover up to 85 square feet.

Available Scents

Both cleaners come in a variety of scent options:

  • Febreze is available in popular scents like Meadows & Rain, Hawaiian Aloha, Bed & Bath, and Summer Delights, among others. It adds a pleasant fragrance.
  • OdoBan offers scents like Fresh Linen, Citrus, Floral, and Unscented options. The scents are lighter than Febreze’s perfume-like smells.

Febreze offers stronger, longer-lingering scents across its products, while OdoBan’s scents are more subtle and designed not to overwhelm or irritate those with scent sensitivities.

febreze fabric refresher vs odoban odor eliminator

FeatureFebreze Fabric RefresherOdoban Odor Eliminator
PurposeMasks odors and freshens fabricsEliminates odors and disinfects surfaces
EffectivenessEffective at masking odors, but does not remove themEffective at eliminating odors and disinfecting surfaces
ScentAvailable in a variety of scentsUnscented and scented options available
PriceMore affordableMore expensive
AvailabilityWidely availableMore limited availability
SafetyGenerally safe for use around children and petsMay be harmful to children and pets if ingested

User Reviews: What Others Have to Say About Odoban and Febreze

Odoban’s Effectiveness in Removing Tough Odors

Odoban is a popular odor eliminator that has received positive reviews from users for its effectiveness in removing tough odors from various surfaces. Users have praised the product’s ability to eliminate unpleasant smells, including pet urine, cigarette smoke, and mildew. Many users have also reported that it leaves a fresh scent behind.

One user raved about how well Odoban worked on their carpets after their dog had an accident. They said it not only removed the odor but also left the carpet looking clean and smelling fresh. Another user shared how they used Odoban to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from their car, and it worked like a charm.

Febreze’s Ability to Eliminate Odors and Leave a Fresh Scent

Febreze is another popular odor eliminator that has received praise for its ability to eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent behind. Users have reported success using Febreze on everything from furniture to clothing.

A user shared how they used Febreze on their couch after their cat had an accident, and it completely eliminated the smell. Another user said they use Febreze on their workout clothes, and it works wonders at eliminating sweat odors.

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Allergic Reactions Reported by Some Users

While many users have had positive experiences with both Odoban and Febreze, some have reported experiencing allergic reactions to the chemicals in these products. It’s essential to read labels carefully before using any new cleaning product, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

One user shared how they experienced hives after using Febreze on their bedding. Another user reported feeling dizzy after using Odoban in a small room with poor ventilation.

It’s important to note that both products contain chemicals that could be harmful if ingested or inhaled, so it’s crucial to use them as directed and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Odor Eliminator


The first factor to consider is what type of odor you need to eliminate. Different products are designed for different purposes. For example, if you’re dealing with pet odors, you’ll want an odor eliminator that’s specifically designed for that purpose.

Ease of Use

Another important factor is ease of use. You don’t want a product that’s difficult or time-consuming to apply. Look for products that come in a spray bottle or other easy-to-use dispenser.


It’s also important to pay attention to ratings and reviews from other customers who have used the product. Look for products with high ratings and positive reviews.

Scent Options

Odor eliminators come in a variety of scents, so it’s important to choose one that you find pleasant. Some popular scents include eucalyptus, lavender, citrus, and vanilla.


Finally, price is always a consideration when choosing an odor eliminator. While some products may be more expensive than others, keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality.

Our Recommendations

After considering all these factors and conducting extensive research on various products on the market today we recommend two options:

Odoban Eucalyptus Scent Product

Odoban Eucalyptus Scent Product

Our top recommendation for a versatile odor eliminator is Odoban’s eucalyptus scent product with spray bottle (32 ounces) and easy-to-follow directions. This product has received high ratings from customers and is specifically designed to eliminate odors in rooms, carpets, upholstery, and laundry. Its eucalyptus scent is refreshing and long-lasting.

Febreze Various Scent Options

Febreze vs OdoBan: The Ultimate Odor Battle!

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we recommend Febreze’s various scent options with spray bottle (8.8 ounces) and cost-effective pricing. Febreze offers a range of scents to choose from, including lavender, fresh linen, and apple spice.

This product has also received high ratings from customers and is effective at eliminating odors.

The Ultimate Winner:Febreze vs OdoBan

So which cleaner comes out on top – Febreze or OdoBan? Here’s a quick recap of the key differences between the two:

  • Febreze specialized in odor elimination through patented cyclodextrin technology. OdoBan utilizes antimicrobial agents to kill germs and provide odor protection.
  • Febreze eliminates existing odors instantly but doesn’t provide ongoing disinfection. OdoBan has lasting disinfecting power against germs that cause smells.
  • OdoBan can sanitize and disinfect surfaces. Febreze does not have any disinfecting capabilities.
  • Febreze offers stronger, more perfume-like scents. OdoBan’s lighter scents work well for those sensitive to smells.
  • Both are EPA-approved and considered non-toxic when used properly, though OdoBan contains harsher active ingredients.

While Febreze performs better at removing odors in the short term, OdoBan is the winner for households looking for a thorough disinfectant that also tackles odors. Its antimicrobial formula provides germ protection that Febreze lacks.

OdoBan is ideal for frequent disinfecting needs in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas prone to smells or bacteria buildup.

However, Febreze remains the top choice strictly for odor elimination on fabrics, carpets, and other items that can’t be subject to harsh disinfectants. It’s gentler formula and perfume-strength scents make it the go-to for freshening laundry, upholstery, bedding and more.

Ultimately, the needs of your household should dictate whether Febreze or OdoBan is the better choice. For a powerful disinfectant spray that kills germs and keeps odors at bay, reach for OdoBan.

When you simply want to banish offensive smells without the harsher chemicals, turn to Febreze. Keeping both solutions on hand gives you the flexibility to tackle any odor situation.


Is Odoban safe to use around pets?

A: Yes! In fact, many pet owners swear by Odoban as a way to eliminate lingering pet odors. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and keep your furry friends away from any freshly cleaned surfaces until they’re completely dry.

How long does the scent of Odoban last?

The length of time that the scent lasts depends on a variety of factors such as room size and ventilation. However, many users report that they notice a pleasant scent for several days after using Odoban.

Can I use Odoban on fabrics like carpets or upholstery?

Absolutely! In fact, many people use Odoban specifically for this purpose. Just be sure to spot test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure that it won’t damage the fabric.

Is Febreze more effective than Odoban?

Based on our research, we found that Odoban is actually more effective than Febreze. Plus, its ingredients are more natural and less harsh than those found in Febreze.

Can I use Odoban as an all-purpose cleaner?

Yes! One of the great things about Odoban is its versatility – not only can it eliminate stubborn odors, but it can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner for everyday spills and messes. Just dilute it according to the instructions on the label and you’re good to go!