This is our review of the best air fresheners for allergic people

best air fresheners for allergic people

Anyone with an allergy knows how difficult it can be to find an appropriate scent that doesn’t cause allergic reactions such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, running nose or sneezing.

In this article, we have researched the best air fresheners for allergy sufferers based on the ingredients used to manufacture them, customer reviews and recommendations from other users.

We’ve also created a buying guide to help you choose the best air freshener.

Let’s get started. 

Our top Picks for the best hypoallergenic air fresheners

8 best air fresheners for allergic people (Sufferers)

#1. RejuvenAir Activated Charcoal

best air freshener for allergic people

First on our list of best air fresheners for allergy sufferers is RejuvenAir Activated Charcoal. This is a natural air freshener that eliminates both smell and mold with one simple ingredient: activated charcoal. 

Over the years, activated bamboo charcoal has proved to be an effective air freshener, purifier and deodorizer. This is the reason the number of natural air fresheners  manufactured from bamboo charcoal have increased. Charcoal is a porous substance and as air flows through its pores, its surface absorbs and traps allergens, microorganisms and odors.

RejuvenAir Activated Charcoal is also efficient at removing dangerous and poisonous substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia, which are commonly created by synthetic and harmful air fresheners, paints, and some cleansers.

RejuvenAir Activated Charcoal can be used to refresh and remove odors in your home for up to 2 years, provided you keep recharging it by drying in the sun for an hour once a month.

#2. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray

best air freshener for allergic people

Fresh wave odor removing spray graces the second spot in our list of the best air fresheners for allergic people  or those who are sensitive to strong odors . This odor eliminator air freshener spray  is derived from natural plants. Some of its ingredients include  pine needles, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood oil.

Furthermore, it has no harsh chemicals, concealing perfumes or dangerous components.

Fresh wave odor removing spray has proven to be versatile and can be used in almost all areas. It’s great for removing pet odors, can be used to get rid of cigarette smoke, for trash cans or as a bathroom air freshener.  It can also be used to keep your garage, basement or gym smelling fresh.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray swiftly absorbs unwanted odors and deposits them on the ground, leaving a clean, pleasant scent behind. It’s safe to use around pets such as cats and dogs since it does not contain harmful chemicals.Fresh Wave is also non-staining and can be used in cars, homes, offices, and other places.

Some of its features include

● Odor-fighting natural ingredients
● Pets and people are safer
● Non-toxic and non-hazardous
● Safer choice label from EPA
● Chemicals and alcohol-free


  • It eliminates musty smells instantly
  • Safe for use around pets and children
  • It leaves a lingering smell
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • Doesn’t last long

#3.Air Wick Non-Aerosol Air Fresheners Air Wick

best air freshener for allergic people

Our next recommendation for the best air freshener for allergy sufferers is from a popular brand:Air Wick. The air wick non aerosol air freshener is manufactured using essential oils that clear the air of odors leaving your home with a fresh, juicy pineapple smell infused with herbal rosemary.  

This product is made of 95% natural formula, contains no harmful dyes or propellants, and the ingredients have been resourced responsibly. It has a mild aroma that even the most sensitive noses can’t notice, making it appropriate for use anywhere. You can use it without having to worry about the health risks associated with many traditional air cleaners

Furthermore, the can is recyclable, making it easy to dispose after use.


  • There are no artificial fragrances or chemicals.
  • The aroma isn’t overly sweet or overbearing.
  • It’s bright, airy, and floral.
  • Long-lasting bottle top pump


  • May irritate your eyes until the product dries.

#4. Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray 

best air freshener for allergic people

The Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray graces our fourth spot on the best air fresheners for allergic people.  It contains no chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making it safe for use around people with asthma or allergies. It’s also safe to use around children and pets.

This product uses the power of citrus to enrich and cleanse air hence improving the indoor air quality. The energizing citrus aroma is exhilarating and can help to elevate your spirits, while the strong composition effectively removes odors. This air freshener is great for small areas, restrooms, kitchen and cars.

Furthermore, recyclable packaging is beneficial to the environment and comes with 360 dispensing technology.


  • It contains organic citrus oils
  • Asthma and migraine trigger free
  • Light, refreshing lemon scent
  • Effectively covers up other odors
  • Ideal for use in high-traffic areas


  • A little bit pricey
  • 3 Oz of air purifier isn’t much

#5. Treefrog Natural Air Freshener 

best air freshener for allergic people

Next recommendation on the best air fresheners for allergic people is a product that can be used to freshen your RV, car or any automobile. The Sakura Treefrog Natural Air Freshener is different from all other air fresheners in this list: it’s the only plant based gel air freshener.

Treefrog natural air freshener is manufactured from a blend of 100% pure essential extracts that have antibacterial and antiviral effects.This product absorbs unpleasant smells and re energizes the air allowing you to enjoy a the fresh perfume without having to worry about the potential dangers of synthetic fragrances.

Treefrog TRLA51 can last up to 60 days and can also be used at home or in the office.


  • It’s not too strong
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe for both people and furry friends
  • It’s antiseptic and antibacterial
  • Effortlessly eliminates odors


  • It doesn’t last long in open spaces

#6. Natural Flower Power Essential Oil Air Freshener Spray

best air freshener for allergic people

Natural Flower Power essential oil scented spray graces the sixth spot on our list of the best air fresheners for allergy sufferers. It’s manufactured entirely with natural ingredients making it safe for use around, kids and also pets.It’s also hypoallergenic and free of synthetic fragrances, making it suitable for people with sensitive noses.

It’s also manufactured in the USA meaning it meets all EPA requirements.

This product can be used as a room freshener anywhere in your house. It creates a refreshing, floral aroma with a blend of essential oils that can assist to disguise undesirable odors. Using this air freshener, you can enjoy the advantages of aromatherapy such as improved cognitive performance, improved mood and stress reduction.


  • Natural air purifier with essential oils
  • Safe to use around small ones and pets
  • Purifies the air with its ingredients
  • Free from harsh chemicals


  • Some users may find the scent too strong

#7. Baking soda

best air freshener for allergic people

Baking soda can be used in a lot of areas at home. One such way is as an air freshener. This is because it is safe, effective at absorbing odors unlike modern air fresheners which just mask the odors. To use baking soda as air freshener in your home, vacuum your environment to remove all dust and other unwanted particles then place baking soda sachets around your house.

You can use baking soda to remove odors from refrigerators, drawers and closets. Here is how to make a baking soda air freshener

  • Mix baking soda with your favorite essential oils.
  • Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and add the mixture.
  • Shake vigorously to create a smooth combination
  • That’s all, you got yourself an air freshener.

Note: Using essential oils is optional. After the baking soda absorbs the stench, the essential oil leaves a nice smell.

#8. Vinegar

best air freshener for allergic people

Last on our list of the best air fresheners for allergic people is another inexpensive household item: Vinegar. Vinegar absorbs odors in the home in the same way as baking soda powder does. As a result, it can be utilized as a nontoxic air freshener in your home. It is suitable for both children and dogs.

Here is how to make an air freshener using vinegar

  • In a spray bottle, combine vinegar and distilled water. That’s all there is to it. With this air freshener, you can get rid of any stink in your home.

You can also pour little amounts of vinegar in bowls and place them at any desired place.

Air Freshener Buying Guides for Allergy Sufferers

While air fresheners make your home smell inviting, choosing the wrong air freshener if you’re allergic may aggravate the situation. When shopping, it may be difficult to know where to begin. Here is a buyers guide to help you choose the best air freshener for your home if you’re allergic.

Check of its made of natural ingredients

There are a few indicators you may use to determine which air fresheners are created with natural components.

There are a number of places you can check if the air freshener is made of natural ingredients. Here are some of the things to look for.

  • Check the label to see if it’s labeled hypoallergenic. If Yes, its safe for use around allergic people
  • Check if it has toxic ingredients such as parabens and  phthalates. These are some of the leading causes of allergic reactions and hence must be avoided.
  • Choose unscented or lightly scented air freshener. Strong scents lead to allergies and headaches.

Go for human and pet safe products

If you’ve pets at home, you also need to be careful when shopping for air fresheners. Look for “pet-safe” or “non-toxic” products, and avoid air pollution fresheners that include powerful chemicals like phenol or formaldehyde. Additionally, ensure  that your air freshener does not include volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). If at all possible, avoid VOCs because they frequently cause allergic reactions. 

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It should have no artificial fragrances.

Check if the air freshener contains synthetic fragrances or is made up of essential oils. Essential oils are less prone to cause adverse reactions and generally have a nice odor. Also, before using the air freshener in your house, test it in a small area to ascertain it does not lead to allergic reactions such as sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nose. 

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Look for multi purpose air fresheners

One of the advantages of using air fresheners is that they may be used for a range of applications. When shopping, you should go for an air freshener that can be used in different areas such as home, car, office and so on. You don’t have to keep spending more on air fresheners when one can do the job.

Go for a neutral scent.

When shopping for air fresheners for allergic people, it’s crucial to select a product with a neutral scent. Youshould consider their preferences when choosing the proper smell. A strong smell will overpower them and lead to sneezing, watery eyes or even a runny nose. Also, you should factor the area you intend to use the air freshener.

How to Use Air Fresheners Safely if you are allergic

Although air fresheners are intended for indoor use, many contain hazardous compounds that can be detrimental if ingested. Though natural air fresheners are a safer option, they must be used carefully to minimize any hazards.

The following guidelines will assist you in using air fresheners safely:

  • Check the labels: look for hypoallergenic or allergy-friendly air fresheners. These items are less likely to elicit an allergic reaction. Avoid strong scented air fresheners.
  • Follow manufacturers instructions: Some indoor air purifiers are intended to be used sparingly, while others are intended to be used lavishly.
  • Use in Well-Ventilated areas: air fresheners can cause allergies even if they’re labeled hypoallergenic. You should not squirt air fresheners on fabric or surfaces that come into contact with your skin. Only use in well ventilated areas.
  • Avoid Direct Inhalation: inhaling air fresheners directly can irritate the lungs and throat, and in certain circumstances, it can cause difficulties breathing.
  • Keep it cool and dry: prevents them from leaking or spilling and causing skin irritation or breathing issues. Also, keep them out of reach of children and pets.
  • Proper Disposal:Never discard them in the trash, as this might cause dangerous chemicals to be released into the air. Instead, follow the instructions on the packaging. 

Can You Make Your House Smell Good If You Have Allergies?

YES. You can make your house smell good if you have allergies. There are a number of ways to achieve that. You can use air purifiers to improve the indoor air quality. Also you can use natural air fresheners to keep your home smelling fresh and pleasant without having the risk of allergic reactions.  

Essential oils can offer a pleasant aroma while also purifying the air. Gel air fresheners and natural sprays are also viable solutions. Synthetic aroma air fresheners should be avoided because they are more prone to cause allergic responses.

By carefully selecting your fragrances, you can have a pleasant-smelling house while controlling your allergies.

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