The Top 10 Best Glade Plug-In Scents to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Glade plug-in scents and fresheners are popular products that provide continuous fragrance in your home by simply plugging into an outlet. The scented oil is warmed and diffused into the air to keep any room smelling clean, fresh, and inviting.

With so many different glade plug in scents and fragrances available from classics like Clean Linen and Apple Cinnamon to tropical scents like Hawaiian Breeze, it can be difficult to decide which scent to choose for your home.

This blog post will highlight the top 10 recommended best glade plug in scents that customers love most. We’ll explain what each one smells like and help you determine which fragrance would work best for different rooms in your house.

Read on to find new favorite glade air fresheners and plug-in refills to make your entire home smell amazing.

10 Best Glade Plug-In Scents

Apple Cinnamon

The glade plug in scent Apple Cinnamon is one of the most popular and strongest fragrances from Glade. This sweet gourmand scent contains top notes of McIntosh apple and mixed berries followed by cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

It fills the air with the inviting aroma of spiced mulled cider and leaves a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Best Glade Plug-In Scents to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Suggested places to use: Kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, during fall and winter months

Pros: Very strong scent throw, sweet bakery aroma, reminds people of the holidays

Cons: Can be overpowering in small spaces, not suited for warm weather

The Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refill, Apple Cinnamon is an excellent choice to enjoy this gourmand fragrance.

Clean Linen

A best-selling glade scent, Clean Linen lives up to its name with a crisp, fresh laundry aroma touched by floral notes like lily of the valley. This bright fragrance is reminiscent of clean sheets drying on a clothesline on a breezy spring day. The note of melon adds a hint of fruitiness.

Glade Clean Linen Scented Oil Twin Refill

Good for: Bedrooms, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, offices

Pros: Very versatile, gender-neutral scent, energizing and uplifting

Cons: Scent doesn’t last as long as other Glade fragrances

For a refreshing clean linen scent, try the Glade Clean Linen Scented Oil Twin Refill.

Lavender and Vanilla

One of the most relaxing glade plug in scents is Lavender and Vanilla. This soothing fragrance combines calming lavender blossoms with sweet, creamy vanilla. The blend of floral and gourmand notes is perfect for winding down. The vanilla smooths out the herbal sharpness of the lavender.

Lavender Vanilla Glade plug in

Ideal for: Bedrooms, yoga rooms, spas, salons, meditation spaces

Pros: Very calming and therapeutic aroma perfect for relaxation

Cons: Scent may be too delicately soft for some preferences

The Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refill, Lavender & Vanilla provides this soothing spa-like fragrance.

Hawaiian Breeze

Escape to a tropical paradise with the fruity floral scent Hawaiian Breeze. Notes of juicy mango, pineapple, peach, and berries are accented by hints of hibiscus for a sweet island vibe.

It’s a fruity smoothie meets floral bouquet.

Good for: Family rooms, teen rooms, game rooms, pool houses

Pros: Fun, fruity summer fragrance, uplifting and festive

Cons: Might be too sweet and intense for some people

The Glade Hawaiian Breeze Scented Oil Twin Refill captures this vacation-worthy tropical scent.

Cashmere Woods

Cashmere Woods is a rich, woodsy glade fragrance with notes of sandalwood, musk, jasmine petals, and subtle florals. It’s a smooth, luxurious scent that is elegant yet cozy. The warmth of the woods and patchouli is brightened by citrus top notes.

Cashmere Woods Glade plug in

Ideal for: Bathrooms, bedrooms, spas, hotels, upscale offices

Pros: Sophisticated aroma, helps neutralize odors

Cons: Might be too mature and intense for some people’s preference

The Glade Cashmere Woods Scented Oil Twin Refill provides this inviting woody fragrance.

Vanilla Caramel Twist

If you love sweet gourmand scents, Vanilla Caramel Twist should be high on your list of best glade plug in scents. This delicious fragrance combines smooth vanilla and buttery caramel with a hint of cream. The rich dessert notes create a decadent aroma that is extremely sweet and strong.

Vanilla Caramel Twist Glade plug in

Good for: Hallways, entryways, dorm rooms, apartments, offices

Pros: Very powerful, long lasting throw, sweet tooth indulgence

Cons: Can be cloying and overwhelming in small rooms

The Glade Vanilla Caramel Twist Scented Oil Twin Refill provides intense gourmand delight.

Exotic Tropical Blossoms

Escape to a tropical paradise with the fruity floral fragrance Exotic Tropical Blossoms. It blends sweet monoi blossom and elderflower with creamy coconut, amber, and vanilla. Think beach breezes meets island spa.

Exotic Tropical Blossoms Glade plug in

Good for: Living rooms, dens, sun rooms, spa spaces, vacation homes

Pros: Unique tropical bouquet, whisks you away to an island retreat

Cons: Can be overly sweet and strong for some people’s tastes

For exotic island vibes, use the Glade Exotic Tropical Blossoms Scented Oil Twin Refill.

Aqua Waves

For a refreshing pick-me-up, Aqua Waves is a crisp aquatic glade scent with hints of citrus, palm leaves, aloe, and fresh marine notes. It’s reminiscent of cool ocean breezes and beachside cabanas.

Aqua Waves Glade plug in

Ideal for: Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, spas, pool houses

Pros: Crisp and uplifting aroma, gender neutral

Cons: Scent is lighter and doesn’t last as long as some others

Get refreshing ocean vibes with the Glade Aqua Waves Scented Oil Twin Refill.

Cozy Autumn Day

Embrace the coziness of autumn with Cozy Autumn Day. This glade air freshener fragrance blends notes of cloves, cinnamon apples, and sandalwood for a seasonal treat. Hints of berries and maple round it out.

Cozy Autumn Day Glade plug in

Good for: Living rooms, kitchens, entryways, offices, seasonal decor

Pros: Perfect for fall, conjures nostalgia, natural scent

Cons: Too wintry for warmer weather

Get your autumnal cozy fix with the Glade Cozy Autumn Day Scented Oil Twin Refill.

Sky & Sea Salt

Our last pick for best glade plug in scents is the relaxing and rejuvenating blend of sky andSea Salt. Cool oceanic saltwater notes mingle with calming French lavender for a fragrance that is both clean and soothing.

Ideal for: Bedrooms, nurseries, spas, yoga spaces, offices

Pros: Balances invigorating and unwinding

Cons: Scent is lighter and more subtle

Experience tranquility with the Glade Sea Salt & Lavender Scented Oil Twin Refill.


There are so many excellent glade plug in scents to choose from. We hope this overview of popular fragrances helps you discover new scents to love or inspires you to revisit old favorites. With the convenience of Glade plug-in air fresheners, you can easily keep your whole home smelling fresh.

Take note of which scents sound best for different rooms in your house. Consider lighter, cleaner fragrances for kitchens and baths while using cozier, stronger scents in bedrooms and living areas. Try out a few different options since scent preference is subjective.

Finding your favorite glade fragrances can really enhance the ambiance in your home.

Let us know your top Glade plug-in scent picks in the comments below! We always love to hear which ones you love most.