Scentsy Diffuser vs. Young Living:Which Essential Oil Diffuser is Better?

As an aromatherapy enthusiast who researched what sets Scentsy and Young Living diffusers apart.

These premium essential oil diffuser brands seem similar at first glance. But they have some key differences.

Scentsy touts its sleek, customizable design for personalized, intermittent diffusing. Young Living highlights purity and quality from carefully sourced oils.

Both provide excellent fragrance experiences. However, the best brand for you depends on your individual aromatherapy needs.

Let’s dive into this essential oil diffuser showdown!

Main Features of Scentsy Diffusers

The Scentsy brand offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing diffusers that allow you to customize and personalize your essential oil experience. Here are some of the main features that make Scentsy diffusers stand out:

Decorative Covers and Customization

One of the highlights of Scentsy diffusers is the changeable decorative glass covers available for certain models. For example, the Scentsy Fleur diffuser features a polished glass cover that users can switch out to alter the look and ambiance.

With options like the Enchant cover in pink or the starry night-inspired Reflect cover, you can easily change the decor to match your mood or home style whenever desired. This customization capability sets Scentsy apart.

Scentsy Diffuser Decorative Covers
Scentsy Diffuser vs. Young Living:Which Essential Oil Diffuser is Better?

Intermittent Diffusing

Beyond just aesthetics, Scentsy diffusers also allow you to customize your actual diffusion experience. The diffusers offer intermittent diffusing capabilities that let you adjust the diffusion intensity and duration to your liking.

For example, you can set it to alternate between high, medium, and low output levels at different intervals throughout the day. This level of personalization in diffusing helps create a unique aromatic experience.

Affordable and Accessible

Compared to other premium diffuser brands, Scentsy offers their products at a relatively affordable price point. Their classic diffuser models retail between $60-$100, making them budget-friendly.

Furthermore, Scentsy diffusers are widely accessible through their online store and consultants located across the U.S. This combination of reasonable pricing and easy availability makes the Scentsy diffuser lineup an appealing choice for many essential oil lovers.

Main Features of Young Living Diffusers

As a leader in essential oils, Young Living offers an extensive selection of diffusers to meet various needs and preferences. Here are some of their key strengths:

Extensive Product Range

Young Living has one of the most expansive essential oil diffuser collections on the market, with over a dozen models to choose from.

Their diffuser styles include nebulizing, ultrasonic, evaporative, and lamp varieties, so you can select the type that aligns best with your usage. Whether you want a compact diffuser for your office or a large-capacity version for your living room, Young Living has you covered with their vast product range.

Young Living's diffuser product lineup

Essential Oil Quality

As an essential oil purveyor, Young Living places immense importance on oil quality and purity. They own several farms and closely oversee each step of the production process. This enables them to ensure their oils meet exacting quality standards unmatched by competitors. When you use Young Living oils in any of their diffusers, you can trust that the ingredients are high-caliber and extremely potent.

Therapeutic Benefits

The pure, high-quality oils used in Young Living diffusers provide a robust aroma experience. Users often find these oils offer various therapeutic effects including stress relief, respiratory support, mental clarity, and sleep aid.

For instance, diffusing lavender at bedtime can promote better sleep thanks to its relaxation properties. The wellness benefits attributed to Young Living oils make their diffusers popular choices.

Comparing Key Factors

Now that we’ve outlined the main features of Scentsy and Young Living diffusers, let’s do a head-to-head comparison of some key factors:

Ease of Use

In terms of simplicity, Scentsy diffusers tend to have an edge over Young Living models.

Most Scentsy variants have intuitive two-button interfaces that are very easy to operate even for aroma therapy beginners. They have simple mist and light controls.

Young Living diffusers often pack in more advanced features and settings that may appeal to enthusiasts but have a steeper learning curve for novices.

Design and Ambiance

For those focused on aesthetics, Scentsy diffusers are likely the more appealing choice. As highlighted earlier, they come in elegant styles with changeable glass covers that let you modify the look. The decorative appeal and lighting features help set a mood.

Young Living diffusers tend to have more functional designs focused on efficient diffusion rather than appearance.


In terms of upfront cost, Scentsy diffusers are generally more budget-friendly, with most models priced under $100. By contrast, many Young Living diffusers cost over $100 depending on size and features. However, Young Living oils may provide more value in the long run if you find their therapeutic properties particularly helpful.

![Diffuser Cost Comparison Table]

Suggested table comparing prices of top models from both brands


Both Scentsy and Young Living diffusers are safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Key tips include:

  • Cleaning frequently to avoid mold
  • Monitoring oil usage around kids and pets
  • Ensuring proper ventilation
  • Not exceeding water fill lines

As long as you use the diffusers as intended and maintain them properly, either Scentsy or Young Living is a secure choice. Be sure to buy from authorized retailers to guarantee you get a genuine product.

Pros and Cons of Each Diffuser Brand



  • Lovely decorative covers for customization
  • Intermittent diffusion capabilities
  • Affordable pricing for most budgets


  • Glass covers prone to breakage
  • Limited essential oil selection

Young Living


  • Extensive range of diffuser styles and sizes
  • High purity essential oils with therapeutic benefits
  • Advanced features like timers and auto shut-off


  • More expensive oils and diffusers
  • Complex for first-time diffuser users

Recommended Diffuser Models


  • Scentsy Fleur – Best decorative option with changeable glass cover
  • Scentsy Classic – Most affordable model with simple two-button interface

Young Living

  • Dewdrop – Compact ultrasonic diffuser with stylish minimalist design
  • Desert Mist – Robust nebulizing diffuser for large spaces and maximum aroma


To determine if a Scentsy or Young Living diffuser is best for you, consider your budget, style preferences, space size, and desired oil options.

Scentsy shines for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use diffuser at a reasonable price point. Customization and fragrance intensity controls allow you to tailor the experience.

For experienced essential oil enthusiasts who value undiluted, therapeutic-grade oils, Young Living diffusers paired with the company’s proprietary blends is a smart match. With robust diffusion and advanced features, their diffusers deliver exceptional aroma experiences.

Ultimately, both Scentsy and Young Living make excellent diffusers for dispersing pure essential oils in style. Assess your individual needs and compare the key factors to decide which brand better suits your lifestyle.

With their outstanding performance and customization options, you’re sure to enjoy elevated aromatherapy benefits regardless of which you choose.