Revive Essential Oils Review: Are They Worth It?

Essential oils are gaining popularity as people look for natural solutions for health, home, and beauty. But brands like Young Living and doTERRA come with a high price tag. Are more affordable essential oil companies like Revive worth considering? Or do you get what you pay for?

In this unbiased review, we’ll examine Revive essential oils to see if their quality and value match up to leading brands.

Revive Company Background

Revive was founded in San Francisco by CEO Alexandria George and her family. It is a family-owned company, not a multi-level marketing business (MLM) like many essential oil brands.

Revive Essential Oils Review: Are They Worth It?

The owners started Revive to provide high quality essential oils at affordable prices directly to consumers. They were former MLM customers who became unsatisfied with the business practices.

Evaluating Revive Oil Quality

Let’s look at how Revive essential oils stack up in terms of quality control from sourcing to testing.


Revive sources organic and wildcrafted plants from ethical growers around the world. This allows them to obtain high quality plants grown in ideal climates.

Revive oils come from plants grown without pesticides or chemicals. The company focuses on sustainability.


Revive oils are steam distilled at low temperatures to preserve the therapeutic compounds of each plant. Quality control measures are in place during the distillation process.


Every batch goes through rigorous third-party testing by Dr. Pappas’ lab Essential Oil University before bottling.

GC/MS tests guarantee the purity and potency of Revive oils. Customers can access full testing reports online for each oil.


Revive guarantees their essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. The rigorous testing verifies this.

Revive Product Line Overview

Let’s look inside the bottles to see what Revive offers:

Single Oils

Revive has a large selection of single essential oils – over 90! This includes options certified organic by the USDA.

Lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus…they have all the basics covered. You’ll also find more exotic oils like ylang ylang and birch.

Array of Revive single oil bottles


Revive blends match popular doTERRA and Young Living formulas. For example, Revive Immunity in place of Thieves.

They also offer original signature blends like Joy, Energy, and Clarity.


For convenience, try Revive’s essential oil roller bottle blends. Great for on-the-go!


For those new to essential oils, Revive has affordable sampler kits to get you started. The Top 14 kit is a perfect beginner introduction.

Other Products

Revive also sells carrier oils, diffusers, and more. Everything you need for aromatherapy!

Revive Compared to MLMs

How does Revive measure up against multi-level marketing essential oil giants?


The price per ounce of Revive oils averages around $8-15 for most oils. This is 50-65% cheaper than Young Living and doTERRA.

Business Model

Revive operates direct-to-consumer with no middleman distributors eating into profits. This allows them to offer quality oils without network marketing markups.


Revive happily provides the results from its rigorous third-party testing. Most MLMs like Young Living fail to provide this level of quality testing transparency.


As mentioned earlier, Revive replicates all of the most popular branded blends but at a fraction of the price.

Revive Controversies

Has Revive had any issues with integrity or quality come up? Let’s dig in.

In 2019, doTERRA filed a lawsuit alleging Revive falsely claimed their oil quality matched doTERRA’s. This lawsuit was concerning to learn about.

However, after researching thoroughly, I found no evidence of any shady practices from Revive. The essential oil industry is rife with rival companies trying to smear one another. The lawsuit appears to be such a case.

Revive continues to demonstrate transparent business practices and commitment to quality.

Revive Customer Service

What’s the shopping experience like when buying from Revive?


Revive offers free shipping on all U.S. and Canadian orders! For other countries, free international shipping kicks in at $75.


All Revive oils come with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can return even opened bottles within 100 days of purchase.


Contact Revive via phone, email, live chat, or online submission form. Their customer service team aims to reply within 12 hours.

Pros and Cons of Revive Oils

Let’s summarize the key pros and cons of this brand:


  • Competitive pricing compared to MLMs
  • Third-party lab testing for purity
  • Organic and wildcrafted sourcing
  • Blends comparable to MLM formulas
  • Excellent customer service reputation


  • Smaller oil selection than mega brands
  • The controversial lawsuit, although unsubstantiated
  • Website navigation could be more intuitive


So, are Revive essential oils worth it? In my unbiased opinion, yes.

Revive offers pure, high-quality essential oils that rival the leading MLMs. But their direct business model means you’ll pay a fraction of their prices.

Their thorough sourcing, testing, guarantees, and customer service give them credibility in my book. Any lawsuits seem unfounded.

For those unsatisfied with pushy multi-level marketing essential oil companies, I recommend giving Revive a shot. Their oils deliver on quality without the inflated costs.

Have you tried Revive essential oils? Share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear your experiences with this brand.