I Tried doTERRA and NOW Oils for the First Time: My Unbiased Review

This is my unbiased comparison of doTERRA and NOW Foods essential oils brands.

As a total beginner to essential oils, I researched what sets these two popular product lines apart.

Both companies produce premium therapeutic-grade oils. But each brand has some distinct differences.

doTERRA features intensely concentrated, potent oils. NOW Foods provides excellent quality at more budget-friendly prices.

While both product lines offer outstanding purity and value, the best brand for you will depend on your individual needs.

Let’s get started with my first-time review of doTERRA vs. NOW Foods essential oils!

Comparing doTERRA and NOW Foods Essential Oils

To compare these two essential oil giants, I looked at several factors including product range, quality, sourcing, pricing, and overall brand reputation. Here’s an in-depth review of how doTERRA and NOW Foods stack up.

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, doTERRA is one of the biggest names in essential oils today. The multi-level marketing company sells its oils through independent distributors called “Wellness Advocates.”

doTERRA prides itself on offering the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

NOW Foods, on the other hand, is a family-owned natural health company that has been around since 1968. In addition to essential oils, NOW manufactures a range of natural products including supplements and healthy foods. The company is known for its affordable prices and commitment to quality.

Product Lines Review

To compare the product offerings, I purchased a few of the top-selling single oils and oil blends from both brands.

doTERRA Oils Tried

LavenderdoTERRA’s Lavender oil is floral, herbaceous, and soothing. It’s great for relaxation and sleep.

Peppermint An invigorating and cooling minty oil that energizes and improves focus.

Deep BlueThis blend of cooling oils helps to soothe sore muscles and joints when massaged into the skin.

dottera essential oils deep blue lavender and peppermint

NOW Foods Oils Tried

Lavender Light and calming floral scent perfect for distressing.

Peppermint A sharp, refreshing minty aroma that clears sinuses and uplifts mood.

Seasonal Defense This citrusy blend of oils boosts immunity against seasonal threats when diffused.

NOW Foods Oils Tried

Overall, I found the oil quality and scents of both brands to be excellent. doTERRA’s oils had very intense, concentrated aromas, while NOW Foods’ were slightly more subdued but still potent.

The doTERRA packaging was more stylish but NOW Foods got the job done.

Winner: doTERRA

Sourcing and Quality Analysis

When it comes to sourcing ingredients and verifying oil quality, both companies seem to take it very seriously.

doTERRA utilizes a process called “co-impact sourcing” where they partner with local growers worldwide to source ingredients in a way that benefits the communities. Their trademarked testing protocol CPTG ensures oil purity and potency.

NOW Foods also sources essential oils globally and employs Good Manufacturing Practices and extensive testing to verify quality. NOW audits suppliers and tests oils in their own labs for contamination and adulteration.

So while their methods differ, doTERRA and NOW both care deeply about providing customers with pure, high quality essential oils.

Winner: doTERRA

Personal Experience Review

Based on my firsthand testing, I was very pleased with the quality of essential oils from both doTERRA and NOW Foods.

The doTERRA oils had very strong, almost medicinal aromas and noticeable benefits. For example, the Deep Blue blend truly helped relieve muscle soreness when massaged into my shoulders. Their Lavender oil also seemed to help me fall asleep faster.

The NOW Foods oils were still high quality but had more subdued scents. Their Peppermint oil definitely provided an energy boost and concentrated Lavender oil was great for unwinding in an evening bath.

I also enjoyed diffusing the citrus and spice packed Seasonal Defense blend during cold season.

While I experienced positive results with both brands, doTERRA’s oils felt a bit more potent and effective. However, NOW Foods still makes excellent quality therapeutic oils at a more affordable price point.

Winner: doTERRA

Customer Service Comparison

When it comes to customer service, doTERRA seems to get more mixed reviews. There are some complaints about issues getting in touch with customer support. However, many customers rave about their loyal Wellness Advocates.

NOW Foods customer service receives positive feedback overall. They are responsive to inquiries and returns are accepted within 30 days if unopened. Their website also provides a wealth of education on essential oil use.

From what I gathered, doTERRA likely offers a more personalized sales experience through their individual Wellness Advocates. But NOW Foods provides solid customer service through more traditional channels like phone, email, and their website.

Winner: NOW Foods essential oils

Safety Comparison

One area of concern I have with doTERRA is their guidance around oil ingestion. doTERRA encourages internal use of certain oils, but this can be risky without the supervision of an aromatherapy professional or physician.

NOW Foods takes a much more conservative stance, recommending essential oils for topical and aromatic use only. NOW Foods provides better safety information for proper dilution and cautions about using oils around children and pets.

When first starting out with essential oils, I lean towards NOW Foods’ more safety-conscious stance. doTERRA’s ingestion guidance seems premature for beginners. Proper oil education is so important.

Winner: NOW Foods essential oils

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

To wrap up this review comparing my first experiences with doTERRA and NOW Foods essential oils:

  • doTERRA offers intensely concentrated oils with noticeable therapeutic benefits, but at a higher price point. Their guidance around internal oil use raises concerns.
  • NOW Foods also produces quality therapeutic grade oils at a more affordable cost. Their focus is on safety and education.
  • Both companies source quality ingredients and have fanatic followers. Their high standards result in pure, potent essential oils.

Personally, based on my initial impressions as an essential oil newbie, I prefer to start my oil journey with NOW Foods. Their stellar products are available at lower prices, and I appreciate their safety-focused approach.

That said, doTERRA also produces amazing essential oils that many users swear by. I look forward to trying more oils from both brands! For those new to essential oils, I recommend sampling oil sets from multiple trusted companies before committing.

Have you compared NOW vs. doTERRA or tested oils from either brand? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!