Melaleuca vs Young Living: Which Essential Oil Brand Wins?

New to essential oils?

With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. This beginner’s guide compares the top oils from Melaleuca and Young Living to help you pick the right oils as you get started with aromatherapy.

We’ll look at the most popular oils from each brand, their uses and scents, availability and cost, and how beginner-friendly they are.

First, let’s briefly introduce these two major essential oil companies.

Brief Brand Overviews


Melaleuca was founded in 1985 and produces over 400 natural health, beauty, and home products. While new to essential oils, they use them as ingredients in wellness items. Melaleuca operates as an MLM company, selling only to members.

Young Living

Young Living was founded in 1993 and specializes in essential oils and oil-infused products. They own farms to control sourcing and use a seed to seal production process. Young Living is also an MLM company but sells online to anyone.

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Now that we know a bit about each brand, let’s look at their top essential oils recommended for beginners.

Melaleuca’s Top Oils

Melaleuca sells over 400 natural products. They offer pre-diluted essential oil roll-ons, ideal for beginners. Here are their top oils:


Lavender has a floral scent that relaxes, aids sleep, and soothes skin. It’s one of the most versatile starter oils.


Peppermint has an invigorating aroma that energizes, sharpens focus, relieves headaches, and decongests. It makes a great pick-me-up oil.

Tea Tree

With its medicinal, woodsy scent, tea tree oil boosts immunity and cleanses skin. It’s a key oil for beginners.


Eucalyptus oil has a strong, camphorous scent that clears up congestion and stuffy noses. It also enhances alertness.


Lemon oil’s citrusy aroma uplifts mood and energizes. It also acts as a natural cleaner. Lemon oil stimulates productivity.

Young Living’s Top Oils

Young Living specializes in essential oils and oil-infused products. Their top beginner oils include:


Lavender has calming properties that reduce stress, improve sleep, and soothe skin. Its floral scent makes it a must-have for beginners.


Lemon oil shares energizing, mood-lifting abilities with lemongrass oil. It adds a citrus kick to cleaning routines.


Like Melaleuca’s oil, peppermint boosts mental clarity while combating low energy. It also aids several health issues.


With its woody, spicy aroma, frankincense oil aids meditation and promotes a grounded mindset.


Thieves® oil is a Young Living blend with cleansing immune support. It contains clove, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rosemary. Thieves provides a wellness boost and is beginner-friendly.

Melaleuca vs Young Living: Which Essential Oil Brand Wins?

These 5 oils represent Young Living’s most versatile options for essential oil newcomers. Like Melaleuca’s selection, they offer aromas and uses ranging from calming to energizing.

Now that we’ve covered the top oils from each brand, how do they compare in availability and cost?

Comparing Availability and Cost

Melaleuca – Oils available only with a $29 monthly membership fee. Roll-ons cost $20-25 each.

Young Living – Oils sold online without a membership. Bottles average $30-40 each.

So Melaleuca requires membership while Young Living offers greater purchasing flexibility. But Melaleuca’s roll-ons provide a lower cost introduction to essential oils.

Ease of Use for Beginners

When you’re just getting started with essential oils, application methods and usage can seem complex. So which brand offers the most beginner-friendly experience?

Melaleuca – Their roll-on bottles with pre-diluted oils require no blending before applying topically. This simplicity is ideal for beginners.

Young Living – Most of their oils are single notes that require blending with carriers before use on skin. This process has a learning curve.

Melaleuca’s roll-on packaging allows true essential oil novices to start enjoying aromatherapy benefits immediately with no prep needed. Young Living oils involve understanding dilution and blending.

If you want maximum ease of use, Melaleuca has the edge for absolute beginners brand new to essential oils. Young Living provides more variety but requires some basic essential oil knowledge.

Beginner Kits

Melaleuca’s Seasonal Wellness Kit features pre-diluted roll-on oils requiring no blending.

Young Living’s Start Living Essentials Kit includes various singles and a diffuser but requires blending knowledge.


  • Melaleuca’s roll-ons are incredibly beginner-friendly but need membership purchase.
  • Young Living oils have wide availability but beginners must blend them.

For absolute essential oil novices, Melaleuca’s simplicity is ideal. Young Living offers flexibility but involves some learning.

Try samples of both to find your perfect starter oils!