Lava Stone vs Felt: A Side-by-Side Diffuser Comparison

This is our comparison of lava stone vs felt diffusers for essential oils.

I’m an aromatherapy enthusiast who researched both of these popular materials used in diffuser jewelry to help you determine which option is best for your needs.

Both lava stone and felt share the ability to absorb and diffuse essential oils when made into bracelets, necklaces, or other accessories. But lava stone offers longer-lasting fragrance retention, while felt provides more versatility in styles and customization.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these two diffuser materials apart.

What are Lava Stone and Felt Diffusers?

Lava stone, also known as volcanic rock, refers to stones formed naturally from lava erupting and cooling from volcanoes. Lava stones tend to be dark in color with a very porous, spongy texture that makes them excellent at absorbing and diffusing essential oils. The tiny pores in the lava stone act as reservoirs for the oil, allowing it to slowly release its aroma over time.

On the other hand, felt diffusers are made from synthetic wool fibers crafted into diffusing pads or jewelry. The fibers in felt have unique properties that allow them to effectively absorb and retain essential oils. While they lack the porous nature of lava stone, felt diffusers are still capable of gradually diffusing fragrances.

 lava stone vs. felt diffusers

Lava stone and felt both make great materials for essential oil diffusing jewelry

Comparing Scent Retention

One of the main considerations when selecting a diffuser material is how well it retains scent over time. To compare lava stone and felt pads, tests were conducted using different essential oils.

The singlet oils eucalyptus, rosemary, and cedarwood were tested, covering top, middle, and base notes. The oils were applied to each material and the scent retention was checked after 1 hour and 24 hours.

Lava stone demonstrated exceptional scent retention capabilities, with the aroma lasting from a few hours to several days depending on oil volatility.

While felt diffusers did not retain scent as long, they allow for quick and easy scent switching. Felt makes it easy to change up fragrances throughout the day without residual scents from previous oils.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, both lava stone and felt diffusers make it simple to apply oils and start enjoying the aromatic benefits.

With lava stone jewelry, you simply place a drop or two of your favorite essential oil directly onto the bead’s surface and allow it to fully absorb before wearing. The porous nature of the stone will soak up the oil nicely.

Felt pads offer the advantage of even faster absorption. The oils seem to instantly soak into the material once applied, making the diffuser ready for use in seconds.

However, lava stone can go longer between reapplication thanks to its exceptional retention abilities. Felt diffusers often require more frequent oil reapplication to maintain scent strength.

 felt diffuser diffusing essential oil

Both lava stone and felt make applying essential oils a breeze

Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, lava stone and felt diffusers excel in different ways.

Lava stone is valued for its natural porous properties and sturdy composition that allows it to withstand repeated use. The texture and appearance of genuine lava rocks make them stand out as well.

Felt is appreciated for its soft, customizable nature and flexibility. Though not as robust as lava beads, high quality felt can maintain effectiveness through proper care and maintenance. The material is easily washed to refresh the fibers.

For those seeking a diffuser that can handle daily, long-term use, lava stone is the way to go. But felt’s strengths are its scent versatility and accessibility to achieve different looks.

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Cost Comparison

A major perk of both lava bead and felt diffusers is their affordability compared to electronic or candle diffusers.

Lava stone can be purchased loose or woven into jewelry at very low prices. Availability is high since it’s used for other purposes like exfoliating.

Felt diffusers are extremely cheap, especially if you DIY. Buying pre-made products is still very budget friendly with most under $15.

This makes diffuser jewelry like lava bead bracelets or felt necklaces accessible aromatherapy options. With minimal investment required, the prices are quite comparable between the two materials.

Safety Tips

Like any essential oil product, proper usage and precautions are important to ensure safety. Both lava and felt diffusers themselves are non-toxic.

Be mindful of which essential oils you diffuse, especially around pets and babies. And dilute oils properly before applying to your skin with a carrier oil.

With reasonable care, you can safely enjoy these diffuser materials without issue. As with anything new, gradually incorporate them to monitor for any reactions.

Customer Reviews

Across various brands and products, lava stone and felt diffusers maintain high customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

Some lava stone users report issues like bracelets coming undone when excess oils are applied. This demonstrates the importance of using a light hand when adding oils.

For felt diffusers, reviews indicate the need to reapply oils every 1-2 days to maintain scent strength. This aligns with felt’s less enduring retention compared to lava beads.

Overall though, most buyers of both diffuser types seem pleased with their performance and cost. The materials make it easy to enjoy essential oil benefits in jewelry or other items.

DIY Options

Looking for a fun project? You can easily make your own lava stone or felt diffuser jewelry at home!

For lava stone, simply purchase some beads and elastic cord to string together bracelets or necklaces. Or get creative with wire wrapping pendants.

With felt, cut shapes like circles or hearts from colored wool felt sheets. Add a keyring or necklace chain to make DIY diffuser items.

You can also craft awesome diffuser clay beads and pendants from air dry clay. The options are endless!

lava stones jewelery diffusing beads

Unleash your creativity with DIY essential oil diffuser jewelry projects

Pros and Cons of Each Material

Lava Stone Diffusers


  • Excellent scent retention from porosity
  • Natural, attractive bead appearance
  • Durability for repeated use
  • Affordability and accessibility


  • Requires more prep time for oil absorption
  • Limited style options compared to felt

Felt Diffusers


  • Instant oil absorption and quick diffusion
  • Soft, customizable styles and colors
  • Easy to refresh scent by switching pads
  • Very budget-friendly cost


  • Less scent endurance than lava beads
  • Need to replace pads more frequently

lava stone vs felt diffusers: Recommendations for Choosing a Diffuser

So which material should you choose? Here are some tips:

  • If longevity and intensity of aroma are your top priorities, lava stone is likely the better choice.
  • If you want the flexibility to easily change up fragrances, customizable felt diffusers are great.
  • Consider if you’ll be wearing the diffuser daily or occasionally for your needs.
  • Complementary styles are available in both materials to suit your preferences.
  • Try out both lava bead and felt options to see which YOU like best!

The important thing is identifying what factors matter most to YOU – scent profile, aesthetic, convenience, etc. With this knowledge, you can confidently select the perfect diffuser material to suit your individual needs and preferences!

Stylish Diffuser Jewelry Options

Both lava stone and felt allow you to enjoy essential oils in stylish jewelry seamlessly.

The natural texture and colors of lava stone beads are beautiful, especially when combined with complementary metals and gemstones. There is jewelry for any occasion.

For felt diffusers, the range of bright colors and ability to craft any shape or design means you can create jewelry that showcases your personal flair. Add fun embellishments as you desire.

Wearing essential oil diffusing bracelets or necklaces with either material is a discreet, fashionable way to keep your favorite scents close throughout the day. Now you can stay aromatically uplifted in style!


To summarize, lava stone and felt diffusers both offer unique benefits but excel in different areas. Lava stone is ideal if you want long-lasting, intense aroma, while felt gives you customizable styles and replaceable pads.

Hopefully this side-by-side comparison of scent retention, ease of use, cost, and other factors has helped highlight the key differences between these materials. There are great options available to suit your individual diffusing needs.

Take some time to consider your personal preferences in order to select the perfect essential oil diffuser jewelry for your lifestyle. With this knowledge in hand, you can start enjoying the amazing benefits of aromatherapy in beautiful, convenient forms!