Candle Warmers Using Lots of Electricity? Lower Your Bill (6 Tips)

Traditional candles, while fragrant, can be inefficient and pose a fire hazard. 

Candle warmers use little energy to spread the smell of wax melts and scented candles in your home 

Candle warmers are safer and more efficient, with no flame-related risks. Judy Map, who has used them a lot, says, “The right candle lamp or warmer lamp does not use much electricity.” 

Candle warmers need only 15-50 watts each hour to melt scented wax and save energy. 

This article will give you tips to cut your electric bill while using candle warmers. Judy adds, “There are small habits that make a difference.” 

Use our advice to enjoy oil burners and melt warmers in your home. This way, you can keep it smelling nice without a large increase in your electric bill.

Does a candle wax warmer use a lot of electricity?

Candle warmers use less electricity compared to major appliances. For instance, consider the cost of operating a Scentsy warmer with a 20-watt rating. How much electricity does this usage translate to, and what is the cost?

A candle warmer using 20 watts for 6 hours consumes 120 watt-hours per day.

Over a month, this adds up to 3,600 watt-hours or 3.6 kilowatt-hours

The average U.S. residential electricity rate is $0.14 per kilowatt-hour. 

Based on this rate, operating a 20-watt scentsy candle warmer for 6 hours daily costs about $0.50 per month. This is calculated as 3.6 kWh multiplied by $0.14.

The electricity cost is only 50 cents a month

This amount may change with different local utility rates and usage patterns. This example shows the low power requirement of candle warmers for daily use.


Their design, which uses a small amount of watts, keeps electricity costs low for most people.

tips to reduce electricity usage by candle warmers

It’s beneficial to use a timer or an automated shut-off feature on candle warmers. 

Many models come with these options to help reduce electricity use.

Judy Map shares, “I set my wax warmers on a timer to avoid leaving them on all day, which saves power. The timer duration varies from 2 to 4 hours based on the room size.”

The warmers turn off after the set time, which prevents them from running continuously. 

Some popular warmers on Amazon come with timers and automatic shut-off features. 

For example, the CANDLE WARMERS ETC model can be set to a 4, 8, or 12-hour timer. The ElusiaKa Wax Melt Warmer has an automatic shut-off for safety, and the Happy Wax Warmer offers timer settings for 3, 6, or 9 hours.

This variety of timer options demonstrates the thoughtful design of modern warmers.

Timers and auto shut-off features ensure home scenting is both energy-efficient and safe.

Choose a candle warmer with lower wattage

Candle warmer wattage varies by brand and model. As Judy Map suggests, “When shopping for a new warmer, compare the wattage and look for options that use less energy.”

Here are some tips for choosing an energy-efficient candle warmer:

  • Choose models with low wattage, between 4 and 15 watts, to save electricity. Judy adds, “The lower the wattage, the less power it draws.”
  • Look for a warmer with an auto shut-off to save energy. Judy says, “I prefer warmers with auto shut-off for safety and energy savings.”
  • Smaller candle lamp warmers often use less energy than larger ones.
  • Although rare, some warmers are Energy Star certified and meet efficiency guidelines.

Some popular energy-efficient candle warmer models include:

Judy notes, “By comparing wattage and features, I choose warmers that are energy-efficient.”

Choosing a low wattage warmer tailored to your space is key for energy efficiency.

Adjust the Warmer Lamp or Candle Lamp Heat to Save Energy

You can adjust the heat or light on some candle warmers. Choosing lower settings can lead to less energy use.

Map explains, “I lower the brightness with the dimmer switch to save electricity.” Instead of using the warmers at maximum settings, try reducing the heat or brightness. Many models offer controls to adjust the intensity.

Use the lowest setting that still melts the wax or lights the area.

This can save a lot of power over time. Using adjustable settings helps save energy while keeping the warmer effective.

Unplug candle warmers when not in use

Unplug candle warmers when not in use to cut standby power use. Judy Map recommends, “I unplug my wax warmers if I’m not using them for more than 6 hours. It saves energy.” 

Even when off, plugged-in warmers can still use power. Manufacturers advise using warmers for only 4-6 hours at a time to avoid damage.

Doing so also reduces the power used when the warmer is idle. Judy adds, “I’ll unplug it right after the evening to save energy.” unplugging the warmer when it’s not in use can save a lot of energy over time.

Use several candle warmers in the same room

Using several warmers in one room can lower each one’s electricity use.

Judy Map says, “For a large room, I prefer using two or three small warmers over a single large one.” Multiple low-wattage warmers work less to scent a room than one does alone. 

Judy explains, “Using three 4-watt warmers on a low setting saves more electricity than one 15-watt warmer on high.”

Trying out several small warmers can match the scent you get from one large, high-power warmer. Judy summarizes, “Placing multiple low-watt warmers smartly can spread scent well and save energy.”

tips to reduce electricity usage by candle warmers

Compare to alternative scent dissemination methods

Evaluating candle warmers alongside other scent methods shows which is more energy-efficient.

Judy Map says, “Comparing power use, I found candle warmers to be the better choice.” Let’s look at how different scent methods stack up:

  • Candles use no electricity but pose a fire risk and can affect air quality with smoke.
  • Plug-in oil refills, using 5-15W like air fresheners, have a limited scent range and require regular refills.

Judy found that a low-wattage wax warmer offered the best mix of scent, safety, and energy savings. Reviewing different scent methods helps you choose the best one for your needs.

Cut your energy bill while keeping your home fragrant

Candle warmers are an efficient option for home fragrance when used wisely. Choose low-watt models and place them well. Use them for short periods and unplug when not needed.

This way, you’ll get a nice scent without wasting electricity.

Candle warmers use less power than many appliances. Their design and occasional use save more energy than other methods. By following these tips, you can maintain a fresh scent at home and reduce your electricity bill.

Use our suggestions to get the most from your candle warmer without high energy costs. A great-smelling home doesn’t have to be expensive!

FAQs About Wax Warmers and Energy Usage

Is it better to burn a candle or use a warmer?

Using a warmer is safer and more efficient, with no flame-related risks.