The Hidden Potential of Perfumes in Reed Diffusers

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Ever wondered, “Can I use perfume in a reed diffuser?” The answer is YES. With the right carrier oil, perfume can elevate a simple reed diffuser into a source of wonderful aromas.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through turning a basic reed diffuser into a personalised fragrance feature for your home.

Can You Put Perfume in a Reed Diffuser

You’ll learn which perfumes are ideal, how to mix them with carrier oils for the best diffusion, and how to pick the perfect diffuser and reeds for your scent.

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The Basics of Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers use capillary action to draw fragrant oils up rattan reeds, releasing pleasant aromas into the air. Choose from natural essential oils or diverse synthetic fragrances for a safe, continuous scent experience.

If you prefer a different method, scented candles and wax melts are also great options.

Can You Put Perfume in a Reed Diffuser?

The answer to the burning question, “Can you put perfume in a reed diffuser? is, indeed, YES. You can use perfume in a reed diffuser for a unique scent experience. However, you can’t just pour perfume like Chanel No. 5 into the diffuser. 

Perfume has alcohol, which may evaporate too fast and not climb the reeds as well as carrier oils. This is where oil-based perfume comes into play.

Oil perfumes cost less, come in portable rollerballs, are concentrated, long-lasting, and portable. However, reapplication is needed as the scent doesn’t last like traditional fragrances.

Using perfume in your reed diffuser lets you sync your home’s scent with your own, making the atmosphere feel luxurious and unified.

Perfumes can give a richer and more varied scent than single-note essential oils or synthetic oils, making your space seem more elegant and suited to your taste.

However, there are also disadvantages to consider. Perfumes are often more expensive than traditional diffuser oils or essential oils, making them a less cost-effective choice for use in a diffuser. 

Also, the alcohol in perfume could make the scent fade faster, shortening the fragrance’s duration in your room. The alcohol in perfume also risks damaging some diffusers, especially plastic ones, causing cracks and leaks.

Selecting the Right Perfume and Carrier Oil for Your Diffuser

When selecting the best perfume for your reed diffuser, remember that some fragrances last longer than others. The trick is to choose perfumes with less alcohol or those made for diffusers.

Perfume Reed Diffusers: DIY Signature Scents

Alcohol evaporates faster than oil, which may make the scent last for a shorter time. So, using an oil-based perfume can make the aroma last longer in your space.

You should also think about the thickness of the perfume. If the perfume is too thick, it won’t move up the reeds well, and if it’s too thin, it may evaporate fast. 

Sometimes, adding a carrier oil to an empty bottle of your favorite perfume can bring back the scent.

The role of carrier oils is crucial in crafting a balanced scent for your diffuser. These oils mix with the perfume to thin it out, so the reeds can absorb it well. 

Popular carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or safflower oil have no scent and won’t change the perfume’s smell.

The type of carrier oil you pick can change how well the scent spreads and fills the room. A thinner carrier oil can spread the scent faster, but a thicker oil can make it last longer. 

Getting this right is key to keeping the fragrance at a pleasant level, not too strong or too weak.

Remember, you may only need a few drops of a strong perfume to achieve the desired scent.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Perfumed Reed Diffuser

Creating your own perfumed reed diffuser is a simple and satisfying project. With the right materials and some guidance, you can fill your living space with a custom scent that is unique to you. 

Here’s how to do it:

Preparing Your Materials

To begin, gather the following materials:

  • Empty perfume bottles: Use a clean, dry glass bottle for your fragrance blend.
  • Carrier oil: Use a neutral, unscented oil such as fractionated coconut, sweet almond, or safflower oil.
  • Reed diffuser sticks: Choose rattan reeds for their great absorption and diffusion.
  • Your choice of perfume: Pick a scent you love that also works well in diffusers.
  • Funnel: Needed to pour liquids neatly without spilling.
  • Measuring cup or beaker: To accurately mix oils and perfume.
  • Stirrer: Use a small spoon or stick for combining the oils and perfume.
Can You Put Perfume in a Reed Diffuser

Creating Your Fragrance Blend

Start with 30% perfume and 70% carrier oil. You can change this mix depending on how strong the perfume is and how you like the scent. 

To make your blend, mix the perfume and carrier oil in the measuring cup. Stir slowly until they’re mixed well. 

Check the scent: Put a reed in the mix and wait a few minutes. 

Then smell the reed to decide if you need to make the scent stronger or lighter.

Assembling the Diffuser

Fill the bottle: Pour your scent mix into the bottle with a funnel until it’s three-quarters full, leaving space for diffusion.

Add the reeds: The more sticks you put in, the stronger the scent.

Start the scent: Flip the reeds after a few hours so both ends soak and spread the perfume.

Keep it fresh: Turn the reeds every few days. If the scent weakens, add more perfume.

Tips for Ensuring Long-Lasting Fragrance and Intensity

Proper Placement and Maintenance

For the best scent spread and diffuser life, put it in a busy area like an entryway or room center where moving air can spread the fragrance. Keep it away from sunlight or heat to slow down the scent’s evaporation. 

Clean the bottle often with a cloth to remove residue and check that the reeds are not blocked by dust or oil.

Refreshing Your Diffuser

With time, the scent might get weaker. To revive the scent, just add a few more drops of perfume or essential oil to the mix. If the scent is too weak, replace the carrier oil and perfume. Use new reeds for the best scent spread.

Safety Considerations

Place diffusers where children and pets can’t reach them. Some essential oils and perfumes may be harmful if swallowed or if they touch the skin.

In places like massage or reiki rooms, make sure clients aren’t allergic to the scents used. Choose mild scents to keep the space comfortable and suit different client tastes.

Seasonal Scent Inspirations for Your Reed Diffuser

Match your reed diffuser to the seasons with special perfume blends. For spring, fresh floral scents such as orange vanilla or white flower work well. They can make your room feel fresh and full of life. 

Choose light scents that remind you of a fresh spring morning for a refreshing home smell.

FAQs: Addressing common inquiries:

How long does the scent last? The scent from a reed diffuser usually lasts 2-3 months, but this can vary with the number of reeds and how often you flip them.

Can I mix different perfumes in my diffuser? You can mix perfumes in your diffuser to make new scents. Just be careful to choose ones that go well together.


Adding perfume to your reed diffuser is a unique way to fill your room with rich scents. We’ve covered reed diffuser basics, using perfume as oil, and how to keep the scent for longer. This DIY method lets you adjust your home’s scent to suit your taste.

Have you put perfume in your reed diffuser, or do you have scent mixes to recommend? Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments below.

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