Are you ready to shake up your world with the world’s first twerking air freshener?

Bobble Booty Fresh Twerking air fresheners

Look no further than Bobble Booty Fresh! This revolutionary product not only freshens up your space but also adds a fun and playful element to your daily routine.

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted with a delightful scent, accompanied by the sight of a twerking air freshener. You can’t help but smile and feel energized by the playful and lively ambiance.

Bobble Booty Fresh is not just a product, it’s an experience that will make you feel alive and uplifted.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Bobble Booty Fresh and share our thoughts on this innovative air freshener. From its unique design to its enticing scents, we will cover everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind product.

So get ready to twerk your way to a fresher and more vibrant space with Bobble Booty Fresh.

It’s time to add some excitement to your life and unleash your inner dancer!

What is Twerking Air Freshener?

If you love experimenting when freshening up your small spaces, such as offices or cars, you can consider using twerking air fresheners.  These air fresheners mask unwanted smells as they move in a similar manner to the popular dance move known as twerking. It includes rapid hip thrusts and shaking.

Bobble Booty Fresh Twerking air fresheners

“World’s First Twerking Air Fresheners” is manufactured by Bobble Booty Fresh. The founder of Bobble Booty Fresh, Lyss, came up with the idea when she had a hula air freshener in her car but listened to hip hop music, which didn’t make any sense in her car . 

It appears that Lyss wanted to create a fun and unique air freshener that would be more suitable for her personal style and taste in music. After years of development, the idea was finally brought to life in 2019.

Bobble Booty Fresh has 5 twerking air fresheners dolls: Cella, Spice, Double trouble, Sugar and Blondie. All are available in vanilla cake batter scent, which is removable.


• Long-lasting authentic vanilla cake batter scent(removable)

• Twerking dancing movement

• Patented design

• Dashboard BBF doll girl approx. 3.5″ height

• Made of vinyl material

• Adhesive sticker at the bottom of BBF doll base

How Does Twerking air freshener Work?

Bobble Booty Fresh twerking air freshener works in a similar manner to other air fresheners.the air freshener works by releasing the fragrance oils into the air in a controlled manner, similar to other air fresheners such as plug-ins or sprays. 

It is powered by a spring mechanism that makes the hips shake and bounce when activated. Also, the added movement of the twerking doll may provide more air circulation and distribute the scent more evenly throughout the space.

They are intended to be a fun and playful addition to a car dashboard or desk, proven to bring a smile to the user’s face while freshening up their space.

For it to twerk, it must be exposed to vibrations, such as when the car is moving.

Here is a video of how the air fresheners works

Bobble Booty Fresh White Ferrari

What are the Ingredients of Twerking Air Freshener Bobble Booty Fresh?

Bobble Booty Fresh does not disclose the ingredients used to make its twerking air fresheners on its website or in any of the reviews. However, they claim to use high quality materials to ensure that the air fresheners are safe and long lasting.

Pros and Cons of Bobble Booty Fresh Twerking Air Fresheners 


  • Unique and fun way to freshen up small spaces
  • Available in a range of designs to suit different preferences
  • Strong adhesive strip ensures the air freshener won’t fall off or damage surfaces
  • Can be used as a dashboard ornament
  • Designed to empower with its patented dolls


  • Some customers have reported that the stand that should hold the air freshener on the dash doesn’t clip in properly and falls off easily 
  • The spring mechanism can be very loose and sloppy 

Who Should Buy Twerking Air Freshener Bobble Booty Fresh?

Twerking air fresheners from Bobble Booty Fresh are perfect for anyone who wants to add some fun and personality to their car or small space. They are especially great for those who enjoy twerking or want to embrace their inner dancer.

However, it is important to note that some may find the product inappropriate or offensive.

Where Can You Buy Twerking Air Freshener Bobble Booty Fresh?

Twerking air fresheners from Bobble Booty Fresh can be purchased on their website. They offer a range of designs to choose from, including dolls and pre-order options .

Bobble Booty Fresh is based in Miami, Florida and occasionally posts updates and promotions on their Facebook page. They offer free shipping on orders over $35.

Is Bobble Booty Fresh Twerking air fresheners Worth the Hype?

Overall, customers seem to enjoy the fun and unique aspect of twerking air fresheners from Bobble Booty Fresh. While there are some concerns with the stand and spring mechanism, the strong adhesive strip ensures the air freshener stays in place. 

For those who are looking for a way to freshen up their car or small space in a fun and unique way, twerking air fresheners from Bobble Booty Fresh are definitely worth considering.