This is our Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle Review

Pet's Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle
Pet's Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle

Pets bring us endless joy and companionship, but they can also bring some unfortunate odors into our homes.

As a pet owner, you know the struggle of keeping your house smelling fresh when you have furry friends running around. Accidents happen, litter boxes get smelly, and that “doggie odor” can linger in fabrics.

While air fresheners and scented candles can help mask these smells, they don’t fully eliminate the problem.

That’s why odor eliminating candles like Pet’s Favorite have become so popular with pet owners. These candles don’t just cover up odors, they use special enzymes to actually destroy odor molecules in the air. I decided to test out one of these candles for myself to see if they live up to the hype.

Keep reading this Pet’s Favorite candle review to see my thoughts after trying it in my home.

Overview of Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candles

Pet’s Favorite makes soy-based candles that are specially formulated to eliminate (not just cover up) pet odors. They use a proprietary blend of odor eliminating enzymes that attack odor molecules and break them down so they can no longer cause smells.

Some key features of Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candles:

  • Natural soy wax blend – The candles are made from a soy-paraffin wax blend and contain no dyes or other chemicals
  • Long burn time – Each 12 oz candle burns for 60-70 hours
  • Variety of scents – You can choose from scents like Clean Laundry, Calming Lavender, Lemongrass & Citrus, and more
  • Cruelty free – Pet’s Favorite is Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA

These candles are designed to be safe to burn around pets and clean the air in your home. They come in a classic wide mouth apothecary jar with a natural cotton wick.

Testing the Pet’s Favorite Candle in My Home

I decided to try out the Clean Laundry scent, since fresh laundry is my favorite smell. The candle arrived well-packaged in a box with plastic air pillows to prevent damage.

Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle Review: Does It Really Work?

Right away when I opened it I noticed the pleasant laundry scent. It wasn’t overpowering, just a light clean smell. The soy wax had a nice golden color.

I gave the candle a test burn and it lit easily and burned evenly all the way across the top. The manufacturer recommends letting it burn for 4 hours the first time to fully liquefy the wax and release the odor eliminating enzymes.

Can It Handle Strong Pet Odors?

The real test would be seeing how it performs in my house with my very smelly labrador retriever! My dog loves rolling in anything stinky he can find outside. Even after baths, his coat and bed often have a strong musty odor.

I placed the Pet’s Favorite candle on an end table in my living room near where my dog sleeps. After letting it burn for a few hours, I started noticing a positive change. That “doggie smell” that used to linger wasn’t as strong. After having the candle burn overnight, the room smelled fresh and clean in the morning.

I didn’t even have to light the candle again the next day – I could still smell the clean laundry scent in the air. Very impressive compared to normal scented candles that lose their smell when they’re not lit.

The Scent Lasts for Days

One thing I loved about the Pet’s Favorite candle is that the scent lingers for days, even when it’s not lit. I blew out the candle before leaving home for 2 days. When I came back, I was greeted by the same lovely laundry fragrance as soon as I walked in. It made the whole house smell clean without being overpowering.

I found that the candle was most effective in rooms up to 225 square feet. The scent filled my living room and kitchen nicely, but more distant rooms didn’t have as strong of a smell.

Tip: Use multiple candles in larger spaces for the best odor coverage.

No Allergy Problems

Many scented candles give me headaches or irritate my sinuses. However, I had no issues with the Pet’s Favorite candle. It doesn’t have a chemical or perfume-y smell. The light soy fragrance is perfect if you have sensitivities to scents.

Key Benefits of Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candles

Here are some of the things I love about these candles:

  • Actually eliminates odors – Doesn’t just mask smells, it destroys odor molecules
  • Long-lasting scent – The fragrance lingers for days
  • Light natural fragrance – Not overpowering or headache-inducing
  • Cleaner air – No soot emissions like regular candles
  • Safe for pets – Non-toxic and uses natural ingredients

Pet parents rave about how well these candles banish odors from litter boxes, dogs, smoke, and other stubborn smells. The odor eliminating power outperforms standard scented candles.

What Scents Are Available?

Pet’s Favorite offers a range of scent options to suit different preferences:

  • Clean Laundry – Fresh, clean cotton scent
  • Calming Lavender – Relaxing floral lavender fragrance
  • Citrus Splash – Uplifting blend of lemon, lime, and orange
  • Fresh Linen – Crisp and light linen fragrance
  • Apple Spice – Warming blend of apples and cinnamon
  • Lemongrass & Citrus – Bright, zesty citrus scent

They frequently release special edition seasonal scents too like pumpkin spice and pine forest. I’m excited to try more of their fragrances!

Candle NameFragrance Notes
Clean LaundryApple blossom, pine needles, jasmine
Calming LavenderPure lavender
Citrus SplashLemon, lime, orange
Fresh LinenCotton, white flowers, fresh air
Apple SpiceApples, cinnamon, clove
Lemongrass & CitrusLemongrass, bergamot, lemon

Where to Buy Pet’s Favorite Candles

The best place to buy Pet’s Favorite candles is from their official website. Here are some benefits of buying directly from the company:

  • Get the lowest prices – Cheaper than Amazon or retail stores
  • Largest scent selection – They offer fragrances you can’t find anywhere else
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Money-back guarantee – Return any candles you don’t love

Pet’s Favorite also sells products on Amazon, but the pricing is higher. I recommend checking their website first.

Is It Worth the Cost?

These candles are an investment at around $25 each, but they’re built to last. The large 12 oz size will burn for up to 70 hours. When you break down the cost per hour of use, it’s on par with cheaper candles that you burn through quickly.

The results are really worth it if you struggle with pet odors. I got over a week of continuous odor elimination from a single candle. At $3-4 per day, I think it’s absolutely worth the cost for cleaner indoor air.

The Bottom Line: A Must-Have for Pet Owners

If you constantly battle pet odors in your home, Pet’s Favorite candles are a game changer. I’m so impressed with how well this candle eliminated even strong smells in my house. It made a huge difference in how fresh the air smelled.

These are now a staple for pet owners to freshen up their homes. The natural soy wax makes them safe to burn around furry friends too. With the enzyme odor eliminating technology, Pet’s Favorite outperforms almost any other candle on the market when it comes to removing stubborn scents.

If you want to ditch those unpleasant pet odors for good, grab one of these candles today! I recommend the Clean Laundry or Calming Lavender fragrances to start.