Enviroscent is a brand that offers non-toxic plug-in air fresheners infused with essential oils.

Enviroscent Air Freshener Review

With their long-lasting and fresh scents, as well as their eco-friendly and non-toxic formula, Enviroscent air fresheners have gained popularity among customers.

In this review, we will explore the key features of Enviroscent air fresheners, including their longevity, fragrance options, eco-friendliness, safety for pets, and use of natural ingredients.

Key features

Long-Lasting Scents and Aluminum Packaging:

One of the standout features of Enviroscent air fresheners is their long-lasting scent. The scent pods lasts for at least 45 days, providing a continuous freshness.

Additionally, the scent is described as fresh and not overpowering, making it pleasant for everyday use. The scent pods are packaged in aluminum cases, ensuring the freshness of the fragrances.

Flush Plug-In Unit and Variety of Scents:

Enviroscent air fresheners offer a flush plug-in unit design, which seamlessly blends with the wall. This discreet design adds to the overall appeal of the product.

Moreover, Enviroscent provides a range of scents to cater to different preferences. Scents like Minerals & Moss and Rainwater + Bamboo have received positive reviews from customers, emphasizing their wonderful fragrances.

Safety and Non-Toxicity

Safety is a top priority for anyone who likes fresh-smelling living spaces. You want an air freshener product that not only keeps your home smelling great but also ensures the well-being of your loved ones, including pets and children. That’s where EnviroScent Air Fresheners come in.

Non-Toxic Formula: EnviroScent Air Fresheners are specially formulated to be non-toxic, making them safe for use around people and pets. You can enjoy a pleasant fragrance without worrying about exposing your family and pets to harmful chemicals. Plus, our non-toxic formula is loved by many, with its family-friendly ingredients that are safe for all.

Free from Harmful Chemicals: Unlike many other air fresheners on the market, EnviroScent products are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens. These substances have been linked to various health concerns and are best avoided in the products we use in our homes.

Complies with Strict Safety Standards: EnviroScent takes safety seriously. Their air fresheners meet stringent safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re using a reliable and trustworthy product.

Naturally Derived Ingredients and Vegan-Friendly:

Enviroscent air fresheners are made with naturally derived ingredients, ensuring their eco-friendly and vegan-friendly status.

Essential oils, including patchouli, thyme, mint, lavender, tea, honey, and more, are infused into the air fresheners to provide a natural fragrance experience. Sustainable paper pulp, natural starch, safe liquid silica, and Bitrex are also utilized to enhance the quality of the product.

Nature-Inspired Fragrances without Synthetic Additives:

Enviroscent air fresheners use natural fragrances made with essential oils. The brand employs nature as a roadmap to create scents that evoke the essence of different environments. The fragrance composition includes a high essential oil content, responsibly sourced paper pulp, and natural starch.

Enviroscent’s patented “hold-push” technology utilizes natural starch and silica, enhancing the longevity and quality of the scents.

pros and cons of Enviroscent plug-in air fresheners

Made with all-natural ingredientsCan be expensive
Free of harmful chemicalsFragrance may not be as strong as some other air fresheners
Pet-friendly and safe for childrenMay not be effective at covering up strong odors
Convenient to useCan be difficult to find in stores
Long-lasting fragrance

how to use Enviroscent plug-in air freshener

  1. Gather your materials. You will need an Enviroscent Plug Hub warmer, a Scent Pod refill, and an outlet.
  2. Remove the Scent Pod refill from its packaging. The refill is a small, solid disc with a leaf mark on one side.
  3. Slide the Scent Pod refill into the warmer. Make sure that the leaf mark is facing forward.
  4. Press the Scent Pod refill down firmly until you hear a “click.” This will secure the refill in place.
  5. Plug the warmer into an outlet. The air freshener will start to release its scent immediately.
  6. Enjoy! The Scent Pod refill will last for up to 45 days. When it is time to replace the refill, simply unplug the warmer, remove the old refill, and insert a new one.

Here are some additional tips for using Enviroscent plug-in air fresheners:

  • You can adjust the intensity of the scent by turning the warmer clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • If you want to change the scent, simply remove the old refill and insert a new one.
  • You can also use Enviroscent Scent Pod refills in other plug-in air fresheners that are compatible with solid refills.

Effectiveness in Eliminating Odors

Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners excel in eliminating tough odors and leaving your space smelling fresh and clean. Unlike traditional air fresheners that simply mask unpleasant smells, Enviroscent takes a different approach.

Their specially formulated fragrance targets and neutralizes odor molecules, effectively eliminating them.

Whether it’s cooking odors, pet smells, or musty aromas from damp areas, Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners tackle a wide range of odors with ease.

Simply plug in the device and let it work its magic. The result is a truly fresh and inviting environment that everyone will appreciate.

What sets Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners apart is their commitment to using natural ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals. Many traditional air fresheners contain toxic substances that can negatively impact indoor air quality.

Enviroscent, on the other hand, offers a non-toxic solution that is safe for both you and your loved ones.

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Enviroscent Air Freshener Review

In conclusion, Enviroscent air fresheners are highly effective in eliminating odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment. They have been designed with safety and non-toxicity in mind, making them a reliable choice for any space.

The long-lasting fragrance of these air fresheners ensures that your surroundings remain delightful for an extended period.


How long do the fragrances of Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners last?

Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners are known for their long-lasting fragrances that can continue to scent your space for weeks or even months.

Are Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners safe to use around children and pets?

Yes, Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners are designed to be safe and non-toxic. You can confidently use them around children and pets without worrying about any harm.

Can I use Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners in my car?

Absolutely! Enviroscent offers car vent clips specifically designed for use in vehicles, allowing you to enjoy their delightful fragrances during your commute or road trips.

Do Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners only mask odors or eliminate them completely?

Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners are formulated to eliminate odors rather than just masking them. They effectively neutralize unpleasant smells, leaving behind a fresh and clean environment.

Are there any specific instructions for using Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners?

Using Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners is simple. Just follow the instructions provided on the packaging, which typically involve plugging in the device in your desired location.

Can I find Enviroscent Plug-in Air Fresheners in different fragrances?

Yes, Enviroscent offers a range of fragrances to suit various preferences. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, or more subtle scents, there is an option available for you to enjoy.