Join me in exploring home fragrances as I compare Air Wick and Bath & Body Works. I’ll explore the long-lasting Wallflowers and the elegance of Bath & Body Works’ plug-ins to find the perfect scent. 

I’m curious to see if Air Wick can match the stylish charm of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. 

Let’s begin our fragrant journey to see if Air Wick or Wallflower leads in scent and style.

Where did I place the air wick and BBW plugins?

To compare Air Wick and Bath & Body Works air fresheners, I placed the Bath & Body Works freshener in my small bathroom. Following Air Wick’s guidelines for optimal effectiveness in well-ventilated, larger spaces, I placed the air freshener in my home’s entryway.

This setup helped me test how long Bath & Body Works Wallflowers last compared to Air Wick. 

Despite my longstanding loyalty to Air Wick, I found myself genuinely surprised by the superior performance of Bath & Body Works in my home. The rich bath and body works room scents from the Wallflower plugin filled the space more effectively than Air Wick, leading me to ponder the question, ‘Will Air Wick fit Bath and Body Works in terms of fragrance quality?’ 

This experience shifted my view on the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers vs Air Wick debate, making me appreciate the distinct strengths of each brand in creating welcoming home environments.

air wick vs wallflower: which has the Strongest Scent?

In my quest to find the perfect air freshener, I focused on popular and uniquely fragranced options from Bath & Body Works and Air Wick.

From Bath & Body Works, I selected Pumpkin Pecan Waffles for its cozy blend of maple syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice, and brown sugar. I suggest trying strong fragrances like Summer Boardwalk and Caribbean Escape, which complement the noticeable and wide-ranging scent of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from my experience.

For a contrast, I chose Air Wick’s Lavender and Chamomile for its calming and soothing qualities, ideal for relaxation. Air Wick generally offers more subtle scents, and this was evident in the gentle aroma of Lavender and Chamomile. Popular Air Wick scents, according to forums, include Fresh Linen and Magnolia and Cherry Blossom, known for their pleasant fragrances.

If you’re looking to explore more options, I highly recommend reading about the best Bath & Body Works air fresheners and the best Air Wick scents.


Both the Air Wick Scented Oil Plug-ins and Bath & Body Works Wallflowers feature adjustable settings to control fragrance intensity. 

The Air Wick plug-ins come with a dial on top of the warmer, allowing users to adjust the scent intensity, with the highest intensity marked clearly. On the other hand, Bath & Body Works Wallflowers offer Scent Control™ Plugs with three distinct settings: low, medium, and high. 

These adjustable options in both products provide flexibility to cater to different room sizes and scent preferences.

BBW wallflowers vs air wick: which is the most Effective

While both Air Wick Scented Oils Plug-ins and Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are marketed as solutions for eliminating odors, they primarily function by masking odors with synthetic fragrances. This masking effect often falls short of the complete odor elimination that many users seek.

For instance, the Wallflowers, despite their Fresh SourceTM technology and adjustable Scent ControlTM plugs, have been criticized for weak scent throw and poor durability, often not lasting the advertised 30 days. 

Similarly, Air Wick’s plug-ins, though allowing the use of any essential oil, have received mixed reviews. Users have reported that the fragrances can be too weak, too strong, or overly artificial.

Given these issues, natural alternatives like baking soda or plants might be better for effective odor control. These alternatives provide a more holistic approach to improving air quality, tackling the root cause of odors rather than just concealing them with perfumes.

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Which one last longest?

In my comparison of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers and Air Wick Scented Oil Plug-ins, I aimed to determine which one offers better longevity. From my experience, Bath & Body Works Wallflowers did last the 4-6 weeks as claimed. Even after nearly a month of use, there was still a significant amount of liquid left, matching their 30-day lifespan advertisement.

However, Air Wick advertises their plug-ins to last up to 60 days on the lowest setting, which didn’t hold up in my experience. The Air Wick freshener ran out in less than 30 days, even at its lowest intensity, a stark contrast to their two-month lifespan promise. The shorter lifespan of the Air Wick freshener was surprising, given its advertised two-month duration.

Considering these observations, my recommendation for a longer-lasting air freshener is Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. They seem to fulfill their promise of longevity more consistently compared to the Air Wick plug-ins.

Cost and Value:

In my comparison of Air Wick and Bath & Body Works air fresheners, Bath & Body Works particularly impressed me with its value. Their frequent sales, like the Wallflowers refills at 5 for $27, stood out. Initially, I leaned towards Air Wick, but I found that Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers, especially the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles scent, offered longer-lasting and stronger fragrance. This made them a more cost-effective and efficient choice for home fragrance.

Our Verdict

I suggest Bath & Body Works Wallflowers for those who like strong, long-lasting scents. Their fragrances, such as Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, are great for holiday gifts, offering a variety of intense home scents. 

However, if you prefer subtle scents, consider Air Wick’s milder options like Lavender and Chamomile. Air Wick provides gentler fragrances, ideal for those sensitive to strong smells.