Are you tired of stale air in your home? Looking for a way to freshen up your living space effortlessly?

Well, look no further than the Air Wick Essential Mist! This innovative air freshener claims to transform any room into a fragrant oasis with its burst of delightful scents like lavender and eucalyptus.

But is it really worth the hype?

In this review, we dive deep into the world of Air Wick Essential Mist, a lavender and eucalyptus air freshener, to determine if it lives up to its promises.

We’ll explore its features, including the initial fragrance of lavender and eucalyptus, essential oils, and popular scents like Fresh Water Breeze, Apple Cinnamon Medley, and Almond Blossom.

But what do real customers have to say about the Air Wick Essential Mist freshener? We’ll take a peek at their feedback too.

So buckle up and join us on this scent-sational journey as we uncover whether this misting mister, powered by water and puff, is truly a game-changer or just another gimmick!

What is Air Wick Essential Mist?

Air Wick Essential Mist is a diffuser that transforms fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. It is powered by an electrical circuit generated by three AA batteries. The device has three time interval settings and releases a fine fragrance mist that fills the room with natural fragrances. 

Is Air Wick Essential Mist Worth It? Honest Review

The device is available in several fragrances, including Lavender and Almond Blossom, Mandarin and Sweet Tangerine, Cinnamon & Apple Crisp, Fresh Water Breeze, Peony and Jasmine, Sandalwood, Coconut and Pineapple, Apple Cinnamon Medley, Pumpkin Spice, Hibiscus and Blooming Orchids, Lush Honeysuckle and Raspberry, Brown Sugar & Vanilla

The device can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the Air Wick app can be used to set up the device and customize the fragrance experience. The device is also available in refill form, and the refills are infused with natural essential oils

The device has a slider that can be used to turn it on and select the intensity setting. The mist released by the device helps create an atmosphere to surround you with the fragrance you love. 

How I Tested Air Wick Essential Mist

To give an accurate review of Air Wick Essential Mist, I tested out three of the most popular scents:

  • Linen – a fresh laundry scent
  • Hawaiian – a tropical, fruity scent
  • Lavender – a relaxing, floral scent

I used each scent in various rooms in my home for a period of two weeks, taking notes on the initial scent spray, lingering fragrance, and effectiveness at odor elimination. I also compared the performance to other leading air freshener sprays.

My goal was to see if Air Wick Essential Mist could really keep rooms smelling fresh for an extended period of time, or if the scents were too overpowering or faded too quickly. I also evaluated the value compared to the cost of other air fresheners.

Initial Scent Spray

One of the first things I noticed when testing Air Wick Essential Mist is that the initial scent from the spray is quite strong. As soon as you spray it in a room, there is an intense burst of fragrance. I found the Hawaiian scent particularly overpowering initially. The Lavender also has a potent herbal aroma when first sprayed.

The Linen scent was a bit more subtle on initial spray, but still fresh. I felt like I had to be careful not to over-spray any of the scents or the rooms would end up smelling far too perfume-y. A quick 3-second spritz was plenty to scent a medium-sized room.

Lingering Fragrance

While the initial scent of Air Wick Essential Mist is very strong, the lingering fragrance is much lighter. After the first few minutes, the intense potency fades into a softer, pleasant aroma.

I found that the Linen and Lavender scents lasted the longest once the initial smell dissipated. Even a few hours later, I could still detect their fresher scents in the room.

The Hawaiian scent, however, seemed to fade the quickest. After about an hour, I could hardly notice the tropical fragrance anymore. Its lingering power was not as long-lasting as the other scents.


While the Air Wick Essential Mist does offer benefits like portability and fragrance options, it also comes with some key drawbacks to consider before purchasing.

Expensive Refills

The proprietary fragrance oil refills for the Air Wick Essential Mist are quite expensive compared to other diffuser options.

Some example refill costs:

  • Air Wick Essential Mist refill: $8 for 50ml
  • Ultrasonic diffuser essential oils: $6 for 30ml
  • Nebulizing diffuser essential oils: $10 for 15ml

While the Air Wick refills may seem competitively priced, you get much less oil volume per dollar compared to pure essential oils.

The refills also don’t last nearly as long as promised:

  • Air Wick claims 45 days but customers report ~30 days
  • Essential oils in ultrasonic diffusers last ~60 days
  • Essential oils in nebulizers up to ~90 days

You end up paying more in the long run for the Air Wick fragrance oils compared to pure essential oils.

Fixed Misting Cycle

The Air Wick Essential Mist has a pre-programmed misting cycle that cannot be adjusted based on your needs:

  • 8 hours on
  • 16 hours off

This cycles through low, medium, and high mist settings on auto-pilot.

However, many customers complain that:

  • They are home for more than 8 hours a day
  • The 16 hour off-cycle is too long between scents
  • They want to customize when misting occurs

An essential oil diffuser allows you to fully control diffusion based on your unique situation. This makes it much more customizable.

Overall, the proprietary fragrance refills and fixed misting pattern create a more rigid and expensive user experience compared to the flexibility of pure essential oil diffusers.

Not True Aromatherapy

The Air Wick Essential Mist is marketed in a way that emphasizes essential oils and a connection to nature. However, the product does not actually provide true aromatherapy benefits. This is because the fragrance oils used are mostly synthetic with very little real essential oil content.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that offer various therapeutic effects. Some benefits include:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Boosted immunity
  • Increased focus

True aromatherapy requires pure, unadulterated essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, and more.

The Air Wick Essential Mist refills contain primarily lab-created fragrance oils along with minute amounts of essential oils. This means you are not getting an authentic aromatherapy experience.

Fragrance vs Essential Oils

Fragrance OilsEssential Oils
Synthetic ingredients100% natural
Artificial scentsTherapeutic benefits
No health benefitsExtracted from plants

The ingredients list for the Air Wick refills confirms that essential oils make up only a tiny percent of the formula. The rest is proprietary fragrance chemicals.

This means that despite the marketing language around nature, wellness, and essential oils, the Air Wick Essential Mist simply functions as an air freshener and not an aromatherapy tool.

Those looking for true aromatherapy should use a diffuser designed for pure essential oils, not the synthetic fragrance oils in the Air Wick product. Be an informed consumer by checking the ingredients instead of relying on the front-facing marketing claims.

Effectiveness at Odor Elimination

One of the main reasons people use air fresheners is to eliminate unpleasant odors. I tested Air Wick Essential Mist in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that tend to get smelly.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the odor-eliminating power of the mist. Even in rooms that had persistent bad smells like dirty laundry, trash cans, and pet odors, a few sprays of the Essential Mist successfully eradicated the unpleasant aromas.

The Linen scent, in particular, was fantastic at making rooms smell clean and neutral, completely masking any pre-existing odors. The Hawaiian and Lavender scents helped freshen odors as well, although they left behind their signature floral/fruity smell.

Air Wick Essential Mist Customer Feedback

Air Wick Essential Mist: Scheduling & Benefits

The Air Wick Essential Mist freshener has been receiving glowing reviews from satisfied customers, and it’s no surprise why. This cutting-edge device combines the benefits of an air freshener and a fragrance diffuser, providing a refreshing and customizable aromatherapy experience right in the comfort of your home. Let’s explore some of the key features and benefits that have left users delighted.

Scheduling Made Effortless

One of the standout features of the Air Wick Essential Mist is its convenient scheduling capability. Customers are raving about how easy it is to program the device to release bursts of water and fragrance at specific times. By using essential oils, the freshener ensures that your living space always smells pleasant and inviting.

The connected Air Wick app allows users to schedule different scents at various times of the day, creating a personalized aromatic journey throughout their home.

Positive Reviews for Air Quality and Well-Being

Users have reported multiple benefits when using the Air Wick Essential Mist freshener. First and foremost, it effectively eliminates unwanted odors, leaving behind a long-lasting and refreshing scent.

The device’s integration with the Air Wick app via Bluetooth allows for precise control, ensuring the perfect scent experience for each individual.

The calming fragrances derived from essential oils have proven to be a hit with customers, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquility within their living spaces. The lavender scent option, in particular, has received exceptional praise for its ability to create a soothing environment, promoting better sleep and overall well-being.

Ease of Use and Customization

Customers have praised the Air Wick Essential Mist for its user-friendly nature. The ability to adjust the intensity of the emitted fragrance provides a tailored experience that perfectly suits individual preferences. This feature is especially beneficial for those who love experimenting with different essential oils to find the ideal scent combination.

Personal Experiences: Delightful Aromatherapy Moments

Sarah from California enjoys returning home to the pleasant burst of her favorite essential oil scents. The scheduling feature allows her to set up the device before leaving in the morning, ensuring an inviting ambiance upon her return.

John from Texas delights in using various essential oil scents throughout different parts of his home, tailored to the time of day. Energizing fragrances like citrus invigorate his mornings in the kitchen, while soothing scents like lavender create a serene atmosphere in his bedroom before bedtime. T

Portability and Versatility

Air Wick Essential Mist Container: Easy to Carry, Convenient to Use

The portability of the Air Wick Essential Mist container is a standout feature that adds convenience to your daily routine. The compact design allows you to effortlessly move it from room to room, ensuring a refreshing fragrance wherever you go. Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom or a welcoming scent in your living room, this device offers the flexibility you need.

A Glitch in the System: Reports of Multiple Units Stopping Working

However, despite its portable nature, some customers have reported issues with multiple units of the Air Wick Essential Mist device ceasing to function properly. This can be frustrating for users who rely on these devices for consistent fragrance throughout their homes. These reports raise concerns about the reliability and durability of the product.

Implications for Convenience and Reliability

When an essential mist device stops working, it can disrupt the seamless experience that users expect. Instead of enjoying a continuous burst of fragrance, they are left with a malfunctioning device that fails to deliver the desired scent. This inconvenience undermines the purpose of having such a product in the first place.

Air Wick Essential Mist Alternatives

If you are seeking true aromatherapy benefits, the Air Wick Essential Mist has too little real essential oil content to be effective. However, there are better alternatives to consider.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

For authentic aromatherapy, you need a diffuser designed specifically for pure, undiluted essential oils. Two top options are:

Nebulizing Diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers use pressurized air to break essential oils into a fine mist.


  • No heat or water to degrade oils
  • Most efficient diffusion of pure aromas
  • Strongest aroma concentration

They allow 100% pure essential oils to remain in their original state until inhaled. This provides the truest aromatherapy experience.

Leading brands like Organic Aromas, ArOmis, and AromaTech offer high-quality nebulizing diffusers.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers use electronic vibrations to diffuse essential oils into a fine mist using water.


  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to find online and in stores
  • Quiet operation
  • Can add soothing lighting effects

While not as pure as nebulizing, ultrasonic diffusers are still vastly better for aromatherapy than the Air Wick Essential Mist due to their ability to diffuse 100% essential oils.

Top brands include Airomé, InnoGear, and Pure Enrichment.

Air Fresheners

If you simply want a convenient air freshener and not true aromatherapy, Air Wick’s plug-in oil warmers are a decent alternative.

The Botanica line uses more natural fragrance oils than their Essential Mist. While not 100% essential oils, these oil warmers provide pleasing scents minus harsh chemicals.

Vet All Ingredients

Always carefully vet the ingredients list of any diffuser or air freshener product rather than relying on marketing claims. This will prevent disappointment and ensure you get the type of product you really need.

Is Air Wick Essential Mist Worth it?

In summary, the Air Wick Essential Mist is best considered as an air freshener rather than an aromatherapy diffuser. It excels in portability and providing a variety of fragrance options to scent your home. However, the misleading marketing around its essential oil content warrants caution.

Those seeking true aromatherapy are better served by a nebulizing diffuser and pure essential oils. Manage expectations properly by reviewing the ingredients list and purchase the Air Wick Mist based on your need for a convenient, compact air freshener. It delivers on that purpose quite well, as long as you understand its synthetic fragrance oil composition upfront.


Can I adjust the intensity of fragrance released by Air Wick Essential Mist?

Yes, you can adjust the intensity settings on most models of Air Wick Essential Mist according to your preference.

How long does a refill bottle last?

The duration a refill bottle lasts depends on factors such as frequency of use and intensity settings but generally ranges from a few weeks to a month.

Can I use other brands’ refill bottles with Air Wick Essential Mist?

No, it is recommended to use only Air Wick refill bottles specifically designed for the Essential Mist device.

Is Air Wick Essential Mist safe to use around pets?

While Air Wick claims that their products are safe for household use, it’s always advisable to consult with your veterinarian regarding potential risks associated with specific fragrances.

Does the scheduling feature work reliably on all models of Air Wick Essential Mist?

Customer feedback suggests that the scheduling feature may not function consistently across all models, so it’s important to consider this aspect before making a purchase decision.