Are you looking to sell your home?

best air fresheners for selling houses

Scents play a crucial role in how a buyer perceives a house. 

The sense of smell is incredibly powerful and evokes a wide range of emotions and memories. These have profound effects on how people perceive a space. 

According to research, exposure to scents increases the likelihood of a purchase[1]. A pleasant scent can increase the buyer’s willingness to pay for a home by up to  6%. 

Hence, having a pleasant scent can create a positive and inviting atmosphere which can make a house feel more welcoming and desirable. This in turn increases the chances of selling the house faster. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best scents to sell a house, how to match the scent to the space, and how to make the most of the scent .

So which scents will help you sell your home?

Cleaning and Removing Unattractive Scents

Before you put up your house for sale, you need to get rid of the unpleasant scents in your home. They are a major turn off for potential buyers and can make it difficult for you to sell the house. The first step is to identify the source of the odor. 

Smells that Will Put House Buyers Off

  • Pet odors: Include the smell of pet urine, feces, or even wet dog or cat smell.These smells can be off-putting for potential buyers, especially for those who are allergic to pets or who simply don’t like the smell.
  • Musty smells: Can be caused by dampness or mold, and can be particularly prevalent in homes that have not been well ventilated or that have been closed up for long periods of time.
  • Smoke smell:Potential purchasers may be put off by odors from cigarettes or other sources. This odor is especially difficult to eradicate and can be a huge turn-off for purchasers who are sensitive to it or simply dislike the smell.
  • smell of strong cleaning products: Can be strong, making it difficult for purchasers to detect other scents. It is advisable to avoid or use only a little amount of powerful cleaning chemicals, and to neutralize any leftover scents with a pleasant scent.

Once the source has been identified, you have to address it directly. This may involve cleaning the carpets, walls, washing beddings and curtains, cleaning upholstery and surfaces or even replacing old furniture.

You must use cleaning products designed to eliminate odors. Baking soda and vinegar can be effective for neutralizing odors. Cleaning products containing enzymes such as Biokleen Bac Out Natural Stain Remover can help breakdown and eliminate organic matter such as pet urine.

Also, fresh air circulates throughout the entire house. You can increase the ventilation by opening doors and windows, or using fans and air purifiers. This will remove any lingering odors and keep your home smelling fresh. Doing all this will create a positive impression on potential buyers and increase the chances of selling the house.

Scents that Could Sell Your Home Faster

After deep cleaning your house, you need to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that can create a positive impression on potential buyers. Certain scents have shown to be effective in creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the house.  They include:

#1. Citrus

Citrus scents are one of the most effective scents for selling a house. Citrus scents include lemon, orange, and grapefruit scents. They evoke feelings of freshness, cleanliness and positivity. To enhance their effectiveness, you can use them in the kitchen and bathrooms to neutralize any unpleasant odors and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.  

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A good example of a citrus scented air freshener is Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminator Air Freshener Spray for Home

#2. Pine

Another effective scent to consider when selling houses is the pine. It evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. It’s ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. It also neutralizes pet odors and creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. 

Scents for Selling a House

A good example is the pine scented SMELLS BEGONE Air Freshener Odor Absorber Gel.

#3. Cedar 

Ceda is another great scent to use to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your home.It has a  woodsy, warm and earthy aroma that can evoke feelings of nature and serenity. Its association with the outdoors can create a sense of connection to nature. You can choose to use it alone or combine with clothes scents such as pine or eucalyptus.

Scents for Selling a House

A good example is the cedar scented air fresheners is  the Yankee Candle Balsam air freshener

#4. Cinnamon

If you’re looking for house buyers during the closer months of the year, a cinnamon scented air freshener can be of great help. It’s a comforting, spicy and sweet aroma that evokes feelings of warmth, and cozinnes associated with the holiday season.Cinnamon scent can be combined with other scents such as vanilla to create a unique and inviting aroma. 

A great apple cinnamon scented air freshener is  the  Glade PlugIns Refills Air Freshener.

#5. Jasmine

If you are targeting the upscale demographic (24-44yrs),  a sweet, floral and romantic aroma that evokes the feeling of elegance and refinement is ideal. Jasmine scented air fresheners provide just that.  They are associated with luxury and relaxation. 

Scents for Selling a House

You can combine jasmine with other scents to create a more unique and inviting scent for your house to sway the buyer into purchasing the house. One great jasmine scented air freshener is the Air Wick Essential Oils Diffuser.

#6. Vanilla

Vanilla is another great scent for attracting home buyers.  It has a sweet, comforting aroma that evokes feelings of coziness and familiarity.  It’s associated with home and family.  It’s ideal if you’re targeting families to occupy your house.

Scents for Selling a House

Vanilla scented air fresheners can be used alone or combined with other scents such as cinnamon.  One great vanilla scented air freshener is the Air Wick Plug in Scented Oil Refill.

#7. Green Tea

Another popular scent for creating a fresh and invigorating atmosphere in your house that attracts  health conscious home buyers is using green tea scented air fresheners.  It has a light, fresh and slightly floral aroma that evokes feelings of relaxation and serenity. It’s also associated with health and wellness. 

Scents for Selling a House

Green tea scent can be used alone or combined with others such as cucumber and lemon to create a unique and inviting aroma. A good example is DRMTLGY Natural Green Tea Linen and Room Spray.

Matching the Scent to the Space

Matching the scent of the space is an important factor when selling a house. Since different scents evoke different emotions, choosing the right scent for each room can create a positive impression on potential buyers.  Here are some tips for matching scents to space.

  • Living rooms: use a warm and inviting scent like vanilla or cinnamon to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere
  • Kitchen: use a fresh and invigorating scent like citrus to make the smell feel clean and inviting.
  • Bedrooms:  a calming and comforting scent like pine will do.
  • Bathrooms: use clean scents such as green tea that will help neutralize bathroom odors

While it may be tempting to use more than one scent, it’ll create a bad atmosphere that may turn off the potential buyer. Also, make sure to consider the season when choosing scents.

Staying Safe with Candles and House Viewings

While you can use different types of air fresheners to freshen up your house before potential buyers arrive for viewing. You should be careful when using scented candle air fresheners. They can be a fire hazard if not used properly. Here are some tips on how to stay safe.

  • Use flameless candles or battery operated candles: they do not pose a fire risk and can still provide a pleasant scent.
  • Keep candles in a secure location where they won’t be knocked off by potential buyers. Ensure they are on a stable surface away from curtains, furniture and other flammable materials.
  •  Avoid using strong scented candles. Be mindful of the potential buyer’s allergies or sensitivities to certain scents. How to stage a home to make the most of the scent

How to make the most of the scent

Having the right scent is just a part of attracting potential buyers. However, you need to make the most of the scent to make the house feel more desirable to potential buyers.  Here is how to do that:

Stage the home to make the most of the scent

Here are some tips on staging the home

  • Use diffusers and candles strategically throughout the house

This means placing diffusers, candles, or other fragrance dispensers in the most effective location. A diffuser, for example, can create a nice and inviting ambience in the living room, whereas a candle in the bathroom can neutralize any unwanted aromas and create a fresh and clean atmosphere.

  • Keep house well ventilated 

This means, opening windows and using fans or air purifiers to circulate fresh air. This can help to remove any lingering odors and keep the house smelling fresh.

  • Pay attention to the style and atmosphere of each room when choosing a scent

For example, a formal living room with a classic decor may be better suited for a sophisticated scent like jasmine, while a modern and minimalist bedroom may be better suited for a light and refreshing scent like green tea.

How to test the scent before the viewing

Testing the scent before the viewing is important as it allows you to ensure it is pleasant, inviting and not overpowering to potential buyers. Here is how to do it.

  • Walk through the house and take note of any strong or unpleasant odors. You can identify the source and address them directly.
  • Light a candle or turn on a diffuser in a room and wait for a few minutes to see how the scent develops and if it’s too strong or overwhelming. This may vary depending on the time of the day, lighting and weather. Make sure to test at different times and in different lighting conditions.

Bottom line

Using smell to sell a house is an excellent approach to create a pleasant and inviting ambiance, making a house feel more desirable to potential buyers. It is critical to select the proper aroma, adapt it to the location and season, consider the preferences of possible purchasers, and keep the scent after the sale.