This is our best air freshener for funeral homes reviews.

funeral home air fresheners

Are you looking for the best air freshener for your funeral home from well known brands?

When not taken care of appropriately, funeral homes can stink.

This can either be from the corpse smell, or old building smell since they operate in the same building for a long time. These unpleasant odors can be absorbed by the furniture, carpet and other things over time. 

Getting rid of such unpleasant odors requires using odor eliminators and air fresheners to add fresh scent.  This combination will greet your guests with a nice perfume, rather than the stinky smell of many funeral homes. 

In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of the foul odors in your funeral home and also discuss the best air fresheners for use in a funeral home.

Let’s get started.

How To Remove Odors From Funeral Homes

Option #1: Removing Odors From Old Furniture

You need to address the issue of unwanted odors caused by daily activities, the building, carpets or furniture. If the unpleasant smells are from old, dirty furniture, you can quickly remove them using high intense fabric cleaning.

I recommend the following products to help you eliminate and absorb odors from funeral home furniture.

#1. Tide Antibacterial Fabric Deodorizer

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

When it comes to cleaning furniture fabric, you need an effective sanitizer. One of the best air fresheners for use in funeral homes is the Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray. This air freshener removes strong odors, leaving a soft fragrance.

Also, it’s designed to kill 99.9% bacteria hence will refresh your furniture fabric.

It will eliminate all bacteria lingering on clothes, lines and upholstery.  It also acts as a disinfectant against microorganisms on hard, non porous and soft surfaces.

#2. OdoBan Scented Fabric Cleaner 

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

An alternative to the Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray is the OdoBan Disinfectant Fabric & Air Freshener Spray.  It disinfects, cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes precleaned hard and non porous surfaces. 

This  disinfectant removes odors caused by smoking, vomit, urine, odors of fabric and other washable surfaces. If you want a long lasting fragrance in your funeral home, you can use this on your furniture.

Option #2: Removing Odors From Old Carpet

With smelly furniture deodorized, your next worry should be carpets. Carpets absorb foul odors and emit them continuously, hence assaulting visitors’ senses. One way of getting rid of carpet odors is to hire a professional carpet cleaning.

However, if you’re in a rush, carpet cleaning detergents will do the work for you. 

Most carpet odor remover products need you to sprinkle the powder or other solution evenly across the carpet to be cleansed. Allow it to sit for several hours, preferably overnight.

Finally, vacuum it up the following day. After vacuuming, the odor remover will absorb stink molecules in the carpet, leaving it smelling considerably better.

I recommend the following cleaners for removing old carpet odors:

#3. SMELLEZE Natural Corpse Odor Remover 

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

You can start by using the SMELLEZE Eco Corpse Smell Removal Powder. It’s designed for removing odors from corpses.

It is a non-toxic, safe, recyclable, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic odor eliminator.It contains no VOCs, toxic or ozone-depleting compounds, and is especially good to people who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity.

SMELLEZE Corpse Smell Remover Granules will eradicate unwanted rancid odors while complementing existing ventilation systems and creating a safer, more pleasant working environment.

#4. Industrial Odor Eliminator  R86

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

The industrial odor eliminator is another excellent carpet odor remover. This is an odor remover that can be customized to remove a variety of odors and provides you with a variety of application methods to ensure you have a quick solution when you need it.

It is mostly composed of sodium chloride and pure fragrant plant oils.

It can be used on hard or soft surfaces, fabrics, and carbets both inside and outside. Pure Plant Oils’ aromatic smell naturally breaks apart odor molecules. As a consequence, the stink is completely removed.

R86’s scent is initially powerful, however it fades along with the malodor.

Option #3: Removing Odors From The Air

Cleaning furniture and carpets may not eliminate all odors.  You’ll need a method of eliminating unpleasant odors from the surrounding on a regular basis. An air purifier or odor absorbing activated charcoal can do that. Here are our recommendations. 

#5. Eureka Affordable Air Purifier

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

The Eureka Air Purifier collects 99.9% of dust, allergens in the air, and tiny particles like dust, pet dander, and pollen. It can be used in places smaller than 222 square feet. Because of its long-distance air circulation, it can establish a higher air flow at a high efficiency even at a low setting, thereby enhancing air quality.

#6 Odor-Absorbing Activated Carbon Filters

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

An alternative to the eureka air purifier is using activated carbon filters. These are sold separately and are odor absorbing bags or sacks.  The fabric container is placed about the room as a decorative item while absorbing odor particles in the air.

You need to recharge them using ultraviolet (UV) light to ensure they last for a long time.You can expose these bags to UV light by leaving them in the sun for a few hours or by microwaving them for a few minutes.

#7. SMELLEZE Reusable Funeral Home Smell Remover 

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

SMELLEZE Reusable Funeral Home Smell Remover attracts unwanted odors like a strong magnet, absorbs them like a sponge, and permanently destroys them without cover-ups. SMELLEZE has a significant capacity to continuously absorb massive amounts of decomposition odors and work for years due to its exceptionally porous nature.

You can place SMELLEZE Pouches around scents, in air ducts, and on return air vents for a breath of fresh air. It will work  24/7 to remove and absorb corpse odors rather than mask them with smells or toxic substances.

Apart from enhancing your funeral home indoor air quality, SMELLEZE  will also help reduce moisture.

Each SMELLEZE pouch should be placed in 300 sq.ft.

You can prolong the lifespan by setting  in the sun to revitalize and reuse SMELLEZE Pouches. SMELLEZE has the advantage of outlasting charcoal products and may be refreshed quickly in a microwave in minutes rather than hours in the sun.

#8. MOSO NATURAL Odor-Absorbing Bags

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

The MOSO NATURAL Odor-Absorbing Bags is one best air freshener for absorbing odors in funeral homes.  First of all, what stands out is how cool the design of this product is.

These air purifiers resemble small tea bags. It can deodorize /freshen the air, and control the moisture levels in funeral homes or any other area you desire. 

If you want an easy and convenient way to maintain a fresh smelling funeral home, then this is what you need. The sustainably sourced activated bamboo charcoal is 100% safe for anyone. It’s chemical free, fragrance free and non toxic as well.

One sachet can cover over 250 sq ft, and lasts for up to 2 years. However, it needs frequent recharging.

Option #4: Removing Odors From The Whole Building

If you’re still having unpleasant odors lingering in your funeral home, you might have to consider using an ozone generator. An ozone generator oxidizes the odor particles, hence destroying their chemical structure hence  eradicating their foul odor. 

However , do not use it while people are present as ozone should not be inhaled heavily by humans,plants or pets. The space may be re-occupied after 30 minutes of “airing out” Here is our recommended ozone generator.

#9. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

The O-777 circuit board from Enerzen controls fan speed and ozone output to create a “pulsating” sensation. This helps to eliminate any remaining “musty” or embedded odors, resulting in longer-lasting treatments.

Ozone reacts directly with pollutants in the air, water, clothes, and walls, destroying them rather than masking them. It does not require air to pass through the unit to eradicate odors, unlike other types of air purifiers.

The Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

Eliminating foul odors and adding new scents to a funeral home should be done independently. This is because air purifiers and odor eliminators remove both undesirable odors and pleasant odors. After removing all the unwanted odors from the furniture, carpets, air, and the entire building,  you need to introduce a fresh scent to your funeral home. 

Stylish and decorative air fresheners such as scented candles and essential oil diffusers are great for this. 

Here are our recommendations.

#11. Scented Oils 6-Scent Value Pack

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

Using non toxic air fresheners such as essential oils is great for your funeral home. These essential oils are derived from plants. The scents include eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint. Also, they are stored in frost protect bottles, which keep the oils stable for 24+ months, allowing you to reap the benefits for a long time.

#12. Decorative Candle Wax Warmer


Warming plate is 3.9″. | dimensions: 5.4″x 5.4″x 3.4″

Best Air Fresheners For Funeral Homes

These are well designed golden bronze dishes that sit atop a hand-applied brushed walnut like ceramic base. Ideal for use with  10 oz. or small candles, aroma wax melts, bricks or tarts. They are available in 15 different designs.